Moving Schools in Year 4 First Trial Day at a New School

Since I last blogged there has been so much going on at our home, that it has been difficult to get my head around what to blog.  So much has been happening, and with my starting work over the last week, a full-time 9-5 training schedule for 2 weeks before I start my night shifts, it has completely thrown my routine.  It’s been huge for the children to be without me, and we’ve had a lot to sort with yet more issues with the girls school.

Silver Lining

Out of the drama, which I will blog about (tactfully) another time, something good has come.  The girls Mum and wife have come to the conclusion that yes it’s about time we looked at moving the girls to a different school.  There has been too many issues and we don’t want their confidence being affected by individuals that we feel have no right to be working with our children (a long story but let’s just say there are now investigations going on – nothing too sinister, just not good).  So, with Judah all set to start at his new pre-school in September we began to make enquiries about availability for the girls too.

The Headteacher was absolutely wonderful with me, very reassuring over the phone and set aside all the relevant paperwork to pick up.  James and I then went round to the girls’ Mums house and we all filled it in together.  I dropped it off at the school the next day and that weekend we attended their Summer fair.  The girls absolutely loved it and then became very excited to schedule in their trial days.

First trial day at a new school

Today was the first of those days.  The girls stayed with us overnight last night so I could get them ready for their first day.  They were so excited.  We collected their Mum on the way and all went to drop them off at 8:30am.  They were so so so excited, I cannot stress how much they were looking forward to it.  Shayla-Rae was a little bit tearful when she first went into her new classroom but then made a best friend very quickly.  I rang on my lunch break from work and was told that her and another girl were inseparable all day.  I was so pleased, I’d spoken to this little girl when we were leaving and asked her to look out for Shayla, and bless her, she really had.  The teacher told me that Shayla had been chatting about how excited she was to come in tomorrow and couldn’t wait to start in September.

As soon as I finished work I rang the girls Mum to find out how their day had gone.  They were both so chatty and enthusiastic on the phone.  Isis had been assessed and done really well on the tests which was a huge achievement, we’re so proud of her.  This means there’s a strong chance that she can get into an excellent grammar school even with only starting working towards it in Year 5.  We are proud of the girls whatever they achieve, or wherever they go, but we want them to be in a school that will think and expect the best of them.  That will be proud to have them as their pupils as they really do shine.  We are not just biased parents, they are adorable children and I can’t wait to see them fully appreciated for the shining diamonds that they really are.

All Together

The thought of all four of them being there together for the last 2 terms (once Eden starts her free pre-school sessions at 3) makes me so happy.  I love the idea of them all going to school together, something we never thought would happen.  They say everything happens for a reason, and I really believe God was looking out for all our little poppets.  We’ve had a stressful couple of weeks but it looks like the silver lining on these clouds is really platinum.


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