Week Two #CelebratingMotherhoodIG Round-Up

Well there’s been a lot going on for us over the last few months and I’m so pleased with how well I am doing on so many levels as I take on a lot of change (if you’re not sure what I’m on about you can read my post on changing my perspective by clicking here).  One thing I’m not so happy with is how I seemed to let this beautiful hashtag fall off the face of the blog.

Over on Instagram #CelebratingMotherhoodIG has been doing well, slowly but surely I’ve seen lots of lovely people joining the gallery and I’ve been so happy to see everyone joining in and supporting.  I will always like all the #CelebratingMotherhoodIG pictures and make sure I comment too although sometimes it takes me a while (sorry guys).  It’s such a lovely little community and I’m thrilled with everyone who has been joining in and tagging us so far.  Our #CMDadsCorner has been slower to take off, but fair enough.  My blog chats mainly about being a Mum and it may take a while for the Dad bloggers to believe that I’m invested in them too.  I also know that I could show that a lot more, so please bear with me guys.  I’m getting there, albeit slowly.

So, without further ado, I’m going to show you my faves over the last few months and make sure that this goes live every Saturday going forward.  Consistency is something that I’m working hard on at the moment.  I will get there.

Our Favourites This Week


Some of my favourites from the #CMDadsCorner crew over the life of the hashtag are below for you to see, the gorgeous Keri-Ann from @lifeasourlittlefamily took this of the two handsome men in her life, and I love everything about it.

Lucy over at @dear_beautiful_ always takes such beautiful snuggly pictures and this one of Ashlyn with her hubby Rich is just adorable. I always love when Lucy’s pictures appear in the gallery.

Amy over at @mrandmrstplus3 is one of my fave Instagrammers and always joins in and is so supportive. Thank you for letting people know about our little hashtag too. Amy is the BritMums Instagram Round-Up Editor and if you have any posts about Instagram be sure to send them over her way and you never know you may get a feature.


We now have over 1056 images in the gallery and I’m so grateful to everyone who has been joining in while I’ve been so inconsistent. Your continued support and interactions within this little community make me very happy and thankful to you all.

I saw this beautiful #CelebratingMotherhoodIG post just after I featured another of Hayley’s images as one of our Daily Featured Image the day before. Oh my goodness I just love it so much. It’s gorgeous. Hayley can be found at @oh_maxwell and all her images are beautiful.

Amber’s new to the gallery but I am so glad that she joined in as her feed is just stunning. How amazing is this shot of her little man doing Taekwondo? Just beautiful. Go check out @amberlee_anderson you won’t be disappointed.

I adore this picture of @kiranchug and her little ones. So funny, I think all of us can relate to this. Trying to capture the moments with little people is always a major achievement in this household. I just love everything about this. Gorgeous, funny, and completely celebrates all that being a Mum/Dad/Carer to little ones encapsulates. Also, Kiran this month the children drew your name out of the hat to celebrate, so if you pop me an email with your address on to mrsakhodgson@gmail.com there’ll be a little special something on it’s way to you.

Thank you so much to all who joined in. Please continue to tag ANY images you feel encapsulate parenthood for you. Don’t forget each month I will draw from the tagged photographs to choose someone to celebrate…just because.

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