Potty Training the boy #2

Potty Training the boy #2 – outings

I thought we were doing well with potty training.  I thought it was right to keep him out of nappies whilst out and about, just required more concentration (from us).  This morning at church I have rethought my thinking.

Judah is great at home, he is aware of when he needs to go, goes on the potty himself etc.  He always says what he needs when he needs to, but, when we are out somewhere exciting he just switches off his brain and doesn’t mind going in his pants and being wet as he plays. *sigh*

Fortunately there are many other mothers at church to ask advice from, but this morning, as he had just had an accident in the play area I found myself whining to Elaine, who my brain then processed teaches Childcare at college.  Aha I thought, you will know about this, and I asked her advice.

After speaking to Elaine I have decided that I don’t want this to be a hard time for Judah, I want it to be as easy as he has been doing at home, so will return to using pull-ups when out and about and then he can use the toilet as and when he remembers and I don’t need to keep taking suitcases (exaggeration but not much) full of spares to places like church, the park, or soft play.

I think sometimes as mums we can care too much about how well others “perceive” us to be doing.  I feel like I’m not obviously potty training my child if he has nappies on when we’re out and about, but I need to remember, this is about Judah, his success, not mine.

He is doing really well, and he is the one who decided he was ready.  He is the one who takes himself off at home.  Yes, I ask him many times if he needs to go, and I’m consistent with it (there are far fewer accidents on my watch than Daddy’s) but really this is all about him learning independently, not me teaching him.  He has seen us go to the toilet, and his older sisters but that is as far as it goes for me teaching him.  He is the only one who can learn how it feels in his bladder/tummy when he needs to go, and how much time he has to get to the potty when he experiences that feeling.  He is the one who needs to communicate when he wants to go.  He only turned 2 six weeks ago so I need to remember to not feel like a failure all the time as it’s not really about me at all.

So, I will keep posting about how things are going and working out for us (or not), so you can see if this approach would work for you or not.

From one slightly less frustrated Mummy (hoping the relief in my choice will set in soon), thanks for reading.  As always comments and suggestions are always appreciated.



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