Siblings in August

Siblings in August

My beautiful children decided to set up this pose themselves, I then placed ‘the baby’ at the front which was then a HUGE distraction and I couldn’t capture them all looking, but they were having a lovely time enjoying the fact that Eden had joined in with their clever creation.

I am just adoring their interactions now.  Eden is at an age where when the girls arrive (I go and collect them in the car on Friday’s at the moment) she is excited and says ‘hiya’ a word she loves to use whenever people walk in the room.  Judah gives me the car keys at random points throughout the week and tells me to ‘go get Icy, Shayla.’  Considering we don’t get to have the girls all week, I just love this ‘normal’ of ours that we’ve found.  They miss each other enough that it’s cute but there are no distressing tears, and I hope through the years we can keep the blend just right that this remains the case.  Shayla asks Judah if he needs a wee, and empties out his potty when he is successful.  Isis makes up shows for them to perform in, and Judah is now old enough to participate.  I just love how much they all love each other and play together so well.

Sure we have the odd whinge when someone has something they want, or accidental hurting of each other when play has got too rough, but this is the exception rather than the rule and I would worry if it wasn’t happening.  I am excited to see how the interactions change as Shayla starts school and Eden starts walking and being able to follow them around.

I had to choose this as my pic for August, they were so proud of themselves although I would’ve liked to have set it up better with a beautiful background, or no mess on the carpet etc. at least have them all dressed, as it is, this one is designed by my little Siblings for the Siblings post.

our minions
dear beautiful

6 thoughts on “Siblings in August

  1. Aww they do look so pleased to all be in the photo – and I think even trying to get four little ones to look at the camera is an achievement!


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