The Ordinary Moments #1 – Sundays

The Ordinary Moments #1 – Sundays

Anyone who speaks to me for longer than 2 mins will usually discover as a family we go to church.  Not just go to church we are actively involved in our church community.  I have no intention of bible bashing anyone with my faith on my blog, but it is very much part of who I am, what drives me, keeps me going, and the community has been there for me at times when I needed it over the years.  We often say to the other people in our church community phrases like ‘love doing life with you’.  It’s a bit of a corny phrase everyone at our church has cordoned BUT it is true, we ‘do life’ with these people week in, week out.  They’re who I call when I want to celebrate something, who I ring when I need some help, these are my peers and this is how it should be ‘by this all men will know you are my disciples….by your love for one another’ ~ the man Himself : Jesus’ words.

Religion is a scary thing in this day and age, it is so scary to see what is going on in Iraq in the name of religion.  It is horrendous, and it’s not anything that hasn’t been done to one degree or another (not playing down the heinous nature of what is going on out there at the moment) by people in the name of Christianity in centuries past.  I think in all of this people miss the point.  It should be all about love, the greatest commandment ‘love your neighbour as yourself’, if we all just treated everyone else how we would want to be treated the world would be a very different place.

I guess my point is I don’t want to talk about or argue religion, but it doesn’t get more ordinary for us than being at church on a Sunday.  We are purposeful about attending, even when feeling we can’t be bothered, (yes that still creeps in even though we love it) especially with the girls as it is a stable environment that is consistent in their lives despite their two homes.

Even as I’m writing this I can hear them in the living room dancing and singing all the songs they do at Kids church, they have their own little service.

There are a LOT of people on holiday at the moment so we’re running skeleton teams.  Yes, that’s my husband with the Viking hat on as it was raining (his brother bought him this for his birthday last year, much to my dismay as I knew he would wear it).

Here are some pics of our stereotypical Sunday mornings at church.

James dropping Judah into kids church
Isis and Shayla sat with the other children for the talk
Eden playing in the baby area – great for breastfeeding (big comfy sofas)
Eden made a friend as another mum came to join me

7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #1 – Sundays

  1. What a fantastic part of your ordinary life and it looks like a lovely and supportive community- something I often wish I had more of. I am not sure how I feel about religion but I definitely have my own ‘faith’ and I always go to church on the ‘typical’ times like Easter and Christmas. I pray every night before I go to sleep but my faith is not something I have ever really deep down thought about if you know what I mean. This is a rambling comment, but anyway your church looks fun- it’s not often you dress up as a viking on a Sunday morning. ;0)


    1. Sounds to me like you definitely have as much faith as me. It’s not about how often we go to church, it’s about believing in Jesus and going to Him when we need and when we don’t [if you pray every night before bed you’re better than me ;)] I strongly believe in the local church and love that together we all make up the global church wherever we attend. Breaks my heart how the Christians are being treated in Iraq, I would be upset at college if people slated me for going to church but we have NEVER known real threat in this country for having faith. Scary stuff! Put’s it all in perspective for sure. I love Easter & Christmas at church, they are our BIG events and when people bring lots of family members 🙂 fun times!


  2. That’s so lovely that you have a great church family; I know our church family means so much to us, and to our girls – even if they are the youngest in the congregation by at least a couple of years (small village, not too many families!)


    1. Lol, love that, I think it’s good if they’re the littlies, they get to have people to look up to. People who will set an example and help them along their journey, especially when they get to schools, and especially high school and there are more options in front of them to be ‘naughty’ and get in trouble lol.


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