Just the 2 of us – week one

Just the 2 of us – week one

I don’t know about you but I find having quality one on one time with my children is hard. Especially now that there are 4 of them. Yesterday I had a lovely morning with my son Judah and it inspired the idea for this link up.

I wanted to set myself the challenge to have a Mummy Daughter/Son date with at least one of my children, at least once a week. This can even be getting up early and having breakfast together before the rest of the household wake up or going off to a 1Direction concert *cringe* (sorry if you’re a fan). It is so important for each of them to feel that their identity has value and I am interested in them as an individual.

James and I were both absolutely exhausted Monday morning, neither of us felt well, and so we decided to have a lazy day and rest. I was dealing with the children as I soon noticed my poor husband really wasn’t very well. Judah was just bursting with energy and I could see a point where one or both of them would end up grumpy as they clashed and so I decided as I needed to grab some supplies from the local shop, I would take Judah out with me and take him to Subway for his breakfast.

Judah absolutely loves being outside, and he is a huge fan of walking (I’m starting to think investing in the Bugaboo Donkey wasn’t a necessity). My mum kept going on at me to buy him some reins so he could walk around safely but I wasn’t really a fan. I used to have dogs and didn’t want to feel like I was walking my dog. I did some research and found this“>this monkey backpack. Judah loved it as soon as he saw it and my Mum who was with me when I went to purchase it from Tesco bought it as part of his birthday present that was upcoming at the time. What I like about this is Judah feels like he’s wearing a backpack that he loves, the strap (tail) is quite short so he can’t go far, and I just make sure I am holding his hand. I use the strap as a safety measure only, just incase he decides he wants to run into the road. He is attached to my wrist and cannot do so easily.

in his oversized coat and monkey backpack
in his oversized coat and monkey backpack

Subway are great for children, they do a Kids Pak that has a 4 inch sub in it (choices of turkey, ham, or veggie) they can choose their own salad, they get crisps or a cookie (they do oatmeal and raisin if you’re careful about how much sugar you want them to have) and a drink (can be water, fresh orange juice, or a Capri Sun).  They put it all into a little sports bag advertising whichever children’s movie is out at the cinema at the time.  All of our children love it when they go to Subway, it is however rare so maybe it’s because it’s a novelty, but I’m impressed with the children’s deal for less than £3.

and apparently so is Judah
and apparently so is Judah

Just the 2 of us 3

I loved just watching him enjoy his food.  He is so particular, he picks every little piece of lettuce up and never misses any.  He sat happily staring out of the window, swinging his legs with happiness under the table as he munched down his sandwich, his crisps and then polished off his Capri-Sun.  It is very rare they have anything other than milk or water at home, and I’ve only allowed Judah to have juice since he turned 2 but it’s still not a habit I want to get into.  I am an ex-dental nurse after all.

don't miss any lettuce
don’t miss any lettuce

I had deliberately not taken my phone or iPad with me, just the DSLR so that I would engage with him.  It is too easy to switch off with Judah and Eden as they’re not really old enough to protest and demand my attention if they are distracted by something.  I sat daydreaming about the conversations that we’ll have when he’s a bit older.  As it was our conversation would go something like this :

me : ‘is that nice baby?’

J : ‘yeah’

me : ‘you having a nice time?’

J : ‘yeah’

me : ‘is the sandwich good?’

J : ‘hmmm…. ‘ummy’ (his version of yummy)


I wonder if he will be like me and more contemplative in social situations or like his Dad incessantly chatting away about random facts and entertaining everyone.  Time will tell.
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5 thoughts on “Just the 2 of us – week one

  1. Lovely post. I only have two but I find it hard to have one on one time with them but am trying more and more to do so. I think it’s important for each child to have undivided attention from each parent. i am one of eight siblings so I know how it feels to get lost in the mix of us all. Always loved it when it was just me and my mom or dad for an afternoon. Made me feel special. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. Love the photos. #sharewithme


    1. Thanks Jenny, wow one of eight, yes you of all people definitely understand what I’m on about. Family occasions must be great for you, a lot of fun. I’m one of five and Christmases etc are crazy when we all try and meet up. It’s a great link up so I hope to join in more often 😉


      1. Thank you hun yes would love to have you join in more. I always say if you don’t have a new post to choose an old favorite. I am a new blogger so chances are I haven’t read it. lol Oldies are still goodies too! Some share up to 2 post a week too, getting comment love back. I always say no more than 2 but love reading other blogs as much as possible. See you soon.


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