18 whole days

18 whole days

our beautiful girlies are coming to stay for 18 whole days
our beautiful girlies are coming to stay for 18 whole days

This weekend when I go to collect our eldest two from the ‘other mummy’s (not in any way meant derogatory, it’s what they call their mum whilst here) I get to collect them for 18 whole days.

When things got ugly a few years back, when I was new on the scene and the potential reality of another mother figure (not that I could ever replace her, or ever intend to) for the girls dawned on the ‘other mummy’ we spent a whole summer unable to have the girls and negotiating with solicitors. This was a horrible time but as a result we now have an excellent contact agreement that allows us 2 full weeks of contact in the summer holidays minimum. This is to allow for holidays as a family etc, and to break up the summer holidays for the girls too.

In the past we have been to Butlins etc. last year we cancelled due to my horrendous pregnant health problems, this year as we have no idea what’s going on with finances (due to James just graduating and job hunting) so we are going to spend a week with my parents in Lytham St Annes, Lancashire and then a week with James’ parents down in Worthing, West Sussex. Both of our parents live a stones throw away from the beach and within a short car journey of places like Blackpool & Brighton.

the eldest, the princess and the monkey prince hanging out at Nana's
the eldest, the princess and the monkey prince hanging out at Nana’s

With our littlies still being so small ‘the eldest’ just being 8, the idea of doing these seaside attractions is still massively exciting to them. Although saying that we drew up a list a couple of weeks ago of different activities to do in the Summer. I guess our bucket list of things to do and the girls ideas were things like : go for a picnic, go for a walk around the lake, go to the park, go to the beach, have a pamper day (that’s where I do their hair, nails and facemasks). So, anything like going to the SeaLife Center or a theme park would just obliterate their expectations. Nice when the simple things please them and you can just throw in the odd expense to create special memories.

Isis at the attractions in Lytham St Annes
Isis at the attractions in Lytham St Annes

This is the first time we will have had them for so long with Judah being at an age where he understands things. I am wondering how he will feel when they go home. I wrote in a Siblings post recently about how I like the balance we have at the moment. It seems to work for them all. I think I just need to be proactive in planning some activities or sleepovers at Nana’s for him for when the girls go back to their other home, so that he doesn’t miss them too much.

I am very excited to have our girls for so long, seems like ages since we’ve done this. I guess that’s because other than a week at Christmas this is the first time we’ve had them for a substantial amount of time since Eden’s arrival. Christmas was full of seasonal festivities and it wasn’t really just us, just quality time, going on walks and doing crafts etc.

I look forward to creating beautiful memories for them and capturing them on camera. Isis has been enjoying my blogging, she proof reads it, ‘you put is is twice there mummy’. I love that this is their space too, to record memories and look back on them.

Looking forward to 18 whole days as the beautiful blended family that we are.

Any suggestions of things to do in the West Sussex area would be greatly appreciated, as I am definitely a true northerner and would appreciate any recommendations. Feel free to comment below. Thanks x

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