18 Days of Summer #2

18 Days of Summer #2

Today we had planned to go and have a picnic whilst watching my brother (Uncle Bobby) play cricket. The children were excited for this but the weather was terrible, not quite bad enough that the cricket would be called off, but definitely not good enough to sit watching for hours with a picnic.

I had been out in the morning with Shayla for some one on one time (click here after Tuesday to see what we got up to) and then we went to ‘Waitrose‘ to get some bits for our picnic. We were all hungry at about 11am, bizarre but I thought it’s just too early to eat yet. So, I sent them on a mission helping me tidy the house (put away toys etc) so we could have a blanket picnic on the floor.

Getting them to help (although more aimed at serving my needs than theirs at the time) is a really good practice to develop for their futures. I strongly believe in them just being children and being allowed to play, but also feel there is need for them to do little tasks within their capabilities to establish good boundaries of what is expected (that they be helpful and obedient) of them. I set Isis and Shayla a competition of who could find the most dirty crockery around the house (I was washing up) and bring it to me, and then the most rubbish (empty diet coke bottle in our room for example). I realised half way through this was an excellent activity *laughs*, they were having a great time and they were helping me tidy the house – win, win!

toasties 1 034

I then made them some cheese and ham toasted wraps. I fold the tortilla wrap around the filling into a rectangle and then finish it by dry frying it (or with fry-lite – the one cal spray, and that’s more for the benefit of the pan ) on each side, this keeps all the filling in and makes it more exciting for them than sandwiches. They loved them, even Judah wolfed his down served like this (he can be slow eating sandwiches and make a lot of mess) then they had mini cupcakes and some crisps that Shayla and I had picked up at Waitrose. I had bought them some little water bottles but we saved them until a day where we’re going out and just had some good old ‘corporation pop’ (tap water) as my Mum’s Mum would call it.

about to tear into their cupcakes and crisps, note Judah covering his potty training modesty
about to tear into their cupcakes and crisps, note Judah covering his potty training modesty

We then spent the afternoon making cards for the various people in our family with birthdays and a friend who had just turned 21 (I know!) who was coming with her husband to join us for dinner and then babysit so that James and I could have a ‘date night’. God bless them for being willing to come and babysit our tribe, they did a great job too, you can read about our first time leaving the whole blended family and our date night here.

craft time 1

some were more messy than others when we had finished
some were more messy than others when we had finished

James had got some meat (a pork joint) out the night before to defrost and decided he wanted to make us a roast. He is great at making roasts, he used to make them for himself all the time when he was single, even if it was after midnight, if he fancied one he’d just get cooking. So, whilst I had the children he set about on to that. My Dad is pretty old school and never did anything like this around the home so I always appreciate how fortunate I am to have stumbled across someone who is happy to pitch in, with cooking, cleaning, washing. I don’t know what I would have done through my horrendous pregnancies if he hadn’t been like this. I’m quite traditional after watching my Mum for years in the fact that I feel like I’m a failure as a wife if I’ve not got it all under control, or I’m not on top of doing all the housework and cooking. James reminds me that whilst he is at home job-hunting he is just as responsible for the upkeep of the home, and we’re getting to a place where we work well as a team. I will miss his help tremendously once he starts working again.

Our friends arrived at 5pm, we had a yummy roast pork dinner and after I’d washed up (James had cooked) we headed out for date night and left the children with our very capable friends. It wasn’t particularly the best day we could’ve had with the children, but they LOVE doing craft and enjoyed their time with Andy & Chrissie thoroughly, so they had a brilliant day. We set off to my Mum’s on Monday or maybe tomorrow evening after church (we’re undecided yet, see how the packing goes *wink*) and then the real holiday festivities will begin.

Tomorrow, the day will mostly revolve around church, and we’ve been invited to hang out with friends from church in the afternoon (again, very brave taking on our tribe), and getting prepared to go away on our jollies to Lytham St Annes.

Do you have any suggestions of picnic sandwiches alternatives? We are always looking for different foods we can make mobile, comments very welcome.

I love reading all your comments so please feel free to comment below...

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