18 Days of Summer #3

18 Days of Summer #3

Sundays are always spent predominantly at church, however this morning when we woke (I hadn’t slept properly due to an awful nightmare) I was my usual stuffy, head-cold self when I’ve not really slept, and James had a horrendous headache.  I knew he needed to rest.  Normally, this would mean that I would take all 4 children by myself, they’re well behaved and they love the kids church, but because I also didn’t feel very well, and I’ve been struggling with some anxiety issues (yes, unfortunately this is rearing it’s ugly head again) the idea didn’t appeal to me.  I would normally force myself for the girls sake, as it is a constant in their lives that they love, but as we had them all day instead of going back to the ‘other mummy’s’ in the afternoon, I decided to rest too (by that I mean, not run around like a mad woman getting them all ready and out of the door) and took the children downstairs for breakfast and to hang out, so as not to wake Daddy.  The girls were able to come to church with us in the evening instead.

The girls chose a hairstyle each that they wanted from the Cute Girls Hairstyles app.  They absolutely love this site.  Isis will go on it on her tablet at the ‘other mummy’s’ and practice styles on Shayla, so cute.

Isis chose the lace braided ponytail
Isis chose the lace braided ponytail
Shayla chose the diagonal bow braid - I did not have the correct equipment
Shayla chose the diagonal bow braid – I did not have the correct equipment

I love learning to do these new styles, Shayla’s was exceptionally difficult though as I didn’t have the right equipment to pull the loops through.  I was trying with a curby grip and it was nearly impossible.  So difficult.  Need to stock up on some more hair supplies before we try this one again.

My parents nipped in with my brother after church to see how we were as it was so odd that we weren’t there.  They ended up taking Judah back with them for the day, so we had more room to pack things to take over after church in the evening, as we are being based over at theirs for the week.  It was nice to see my brother, we haven’t crossed paths recently, I was able to give him his birthday presents a little early so we could all see his enjoyment of opening them.  He also like the cards the children had spent all yesterday afternoon making him.  Happy 21st Jacob if you see this.

he loved his new t-shirt
he loved his new t-shirt

We were supposed to go to a friends for lunch, but James just wasn’t very well, so bless them, they came to us, they brought bountiful food, a big dish of macaroni and cheese, a pasta bolognese, salad, garlic bread, and an amazing chocolate cake.  They are quite a new married couple, and Laura I don’t think had ever cooked for so many people before so she had gone a little bit overboard, but it was so thoughtful and considerate of them.  We felt very spoilt and blessed by their company.

We had an hour after company left to finish packing and get to church as James was serving in the kids church this evening which meant we needed to go early for briefing, set-up etc.  We got packed up and arrived at church on time, had a great service, then drove to my Mum’s (aka Nana’s).

my little toast munchers, look how small Eden looks
my little toast munchers, look how small Eden looks

120 123

Can you guess which of the three toast munching pictures I took?  My husband had the camera for the rest.

They were hungry when we arrived but it was late so they munched some toast and then were reunited with their brother who heard them and came downstairs.

Isis is wearing my Mum’s dressing gown

Judah was the most tired I have seen him for a long time, I think he was just far too excited to have us all at Nana’s.  He was so upset when it was bedtime, he didn’t even want us to sing him a song, infact he cried to make sure we wouldn’t sing him a song ‘Not want twinkle, twinkle!’ came the cries.  Ok, no problem, quite happy to not sing the same song as we have to do every other night.  Eden was happy enough in her new surroundings.  The girls have gone to sleep excited for what tomorrow may bring weather dependent.  In the morning I’m making them pancakes.

My princess before I got her into her sleepsuit
I love how she always smiles when the camera is out, well trained already
Judah needed cuddles to help him go to sleep

I’m looking forward to this time with them all.  I think I’m most excited because they’re so excited.  Ah to be a child again, nice that we kind of get to live the childhood memories again as we create new ones for our own.

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