The Ordinary Moments #2 – Bath Time

The Ordinary Moments #2 – Bath Time

Our little monkey prince absolutely loves bath time, he always has. I’ve been going back through my pregnancy journal and baby journal for ‘The Baby Diaries‘ and saw that he even loved his first bath which was in the hospital once he’s finally had all his canula’s and tubes taken out. Most babies aren’t so keen for their first bath, or subsequent baths but he ALWAYS loved them.

bathing in the sink at Butlins 2 and a half weeks old
bathing in the sink at Butlins 2 and a half weeks old

In our old home we didn’t have a bath, so I would shower Judah with me, even from being tiny. Due to my bad pregnancies, torn tummy muscles, bad back etc. I would struggle with filling and lifting the baby bath and then bending over to bath Judah so he would often join me in the shower where I would hold him close to me, clean him up and pass him to Daddy who’d be waiting with a towel so I could then wash my hair & body.

When we would go to my Mum’s house (Nana’s) he loved her big corner bath. We have many photos over the last 2 years of him enjoying a bath at Nana’s.

in Nana's big bath
in Nana’s big bath

In our new home we of course have a bath (after going through 2 pregnancies without one, I made sure it was a non-negotiable when we moved). I NEVER get to have a bath without Judah jumping in, James says I should lock the door then he won’t be able to get in, but he loves them so much, I usually just let him in. I think maybe this is because I know very soon it won’t be appropriate for him to be in the bath with me as he’s getting older. One of his favourite things to do is play ‘row row row your boat’ whilst in the bath. Also, to fill up his rubber ducks and use them as a water pistol, spraying me with water. This makes him laugh hysterically, and I managed to capture some photos this week.

shooting Daddy with his rubber ducky
shooting Daddy with his rubber ducky

bath time 5

Daddy had the shower screen for protection
Daddy had the shower screen for protection

The pure joy on his face brings me so much happiness and I will miss these ordinary moments in the not too distant future. Savouring them whilst I can.


10 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #2 – Bath Time

  1. You forget just how tiny they once were until you look at pictures of them in the bath as tiny newborns! Suddenly they’re these toddlers and you wonder where the time has gone! Lovely captures! x


    1. I know, crazy how quickly it has passed, and now I’m watching my 9 month old (who doesn’t grow) developing and doing all these things, it’s bizarre. She’ll look so strange when she can walk. Still in 0-3 months clothing.


  2. Aww bless – he seems to have got so big so fast! I’m not sure there’s much room in the bath for the girls right now but they still love to bring me bath toys and check I have enough ducks – and as you say, they’ll come a day when it won’t be appropriate or they’ll just stop and I know I’ll miss it!


    1. Aww yes definitely πŸ™‚ haha, yes I too end up surrounded by balls from his ball pool if he’s not in there with me. We’ll be blogging about how we miss interrupted bath time before we know it (ha,ha that will probably never happen, but you never know)


  3. That definitely is a face full of joy, bless him, he looks so happy- what gorgeous photos. You forget just how small they were don’t you? My girl’s love bath time too- except when we wash their hair. πŸ˜‰ x


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