18 Days of Summer #4

18 Days of Summer #4

18 days of summer 1

Today was quite relaxed, we’re on a very tight budget for a few days, so we decided to make a picnic and go to the seafront and play football.  I had planned to do pancakes for the children in the morning, but Nana had beat me to it before I’d had chance to finish breastfeeding the baby, they were up and munching away.

003 006 011 012 016

Eden loved her first pancakes, I so enjoy watching her eating things for the first time or just in general, she just loves her food.  It’s such a pleasure to see people delight in something that brings them happiness, and when that person is your little baby, you can’t help but gush.

After breakfast we all got ready, the girls chose their hairstyles of the day from Cute Girls Hairstyles.  They are absolutely crazy about this website, Isis practices them herself on Shayla.  They love when we have the time for them to choose a style and I have to try and recreate it.  Today’s choice from Shayla was a nice easy one compared to yesterday, mini braids going into a braid, and Isis had the Dutch Flower Braid.

034 037

Once we were all ready, my Mum and I prepared a quick picnic and we headed out for the day.  They just love being outside so much, they are so happy whilst being able to just run free in the sunshine.  Judah was exceptionally excited about going to the beach, running round screaming ‘Yay, I like it beach!’  He’s still potty training so we took the potty along with us.

the eldest and the princess walking ahead with Nana
gathering round to protect Judah’s modesty as he used the potty

058 061 088 098 120 143

They had fun playing and then Judah started to get tired.  We decided to put him in the pram (he didn’t like this) and go for a walk around the lake.  At the other side of the lake there’s a playground area where the girls had fun with their Daddy whilst the monkey prince and the baby slept.

190 218 240 267 281 295

They love having quality time with their Daddy.  It’s so nice when he’s able to be off to hang around with them too.  They’re just silly together.  I love this video they made which just reminds me of James so much.  He’s always on about having powers.


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