9 months old – Eden

9 months old – Eden

Eden 2

It has taken our pint-sized princess a long time to be able to do things such as going on the swings as she is just so dainty.  She could sit up, she just wasn’t steady enough, or big enough to even be wedged into the swing with a blanket or anything.  Trust me, I tried.  I am so happy that she can now start to join in with everyone.

Don’t get me wrong, knowing that Eden is my last baby has made me even more aware that they grow up too soon and I don’t want to rush her past her milestones.  Saying that, because she has been so tiny (even at 9 months she is still in 0-3 months clothes) I have wanted to make sure that she is developing properly, whilst not encouraging it too much as I don’t want her to be pushed into anything before she’s ready.

She seems to be becoming a toddler before our very eyes, she is crawling albeit not very fast yet, but she can get wherever she wants to go with bum shuffles, commando crawls and of course rolling.  She can chatter away with the best of them, phrases include ‘hiya, nana, dada, mummy, yeah, bye bye, I want bread (no joke) followed by the confiming word ‘bread’ when we asked what she had said.  Trying to pull herself up to stand, and although she can weight bear she can’t quite manage this one yet.

I just know that very soon she’ll be one and walking and I’ll be wondering where my baby went?  The one thing I can’t wait for is for her hair to grow.  I cannot wait to be able to put it in teeny tiny pigtails and then when she’s older all the cute girls hairstyles that her big sisters love so much.

She has always been such a well-behaved baby, and it’s very easy to almost forget that she’s around as she’s just so content, but now that she’s crawling and chunnering away, I think I’m going to become astutely more aware as the possibilities and potential dangers are now a lot broader for our little baby.

munching breakfast
munching breakfast

Happy 9 months Eden xxx we love you very much

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