Potty Training the boy #3 – holidays

Potty Training the boy #3


 This week Judah has done amazingly, I wasn’t sure how to do the whole potty training whilst out and about.  I think I care too much sometimes about what people think.  I worry about offending people, or more to the point about them potentially staring and pulling their face at me and especially my children.  I chose to forget about posts I’d seen on facebook, or things I may have seen in the media, the Katie Hopkins of this world, although I find her vile, I would worry about the people who agree with her opinions and how they may be disgusted with how I choose to raise my children.  Well, boo I say, boo to them all.  I thought back to how we did it with Shayla-Rae, and thought, yep, we’re just going to take the potty out with us.
I can count on one hand and with some fingers to spare the amount of accidents that we’ve had all week.  To be fair when we did have accidents it was just down to him being tired and forgetting.  If I spotted him concentrating and looking like he may be doing the dreaded number that comes after one, and say ‘Judah do you need the potty?’, ‘oh yeah’ comes the reply followed by a swift move to the potty.
I don’t know how it will continue as we go down South next week and it’s another new environment, but part of me feels that if we crack it there, after we cracked it at home and now at my parents, then he’s pretty much sorted apart from not always dry at night yet, but we’ve just been putting a nappy on him for bed.  He wakes up, takes it off himself and then goes on the potty, so I’m not too fussy about pushing him to be dry at night.  It will come naturally when he’s ready, 7/10 nights he is at the moment anyway, just can never be too sure.  I definitely don’t trust him enough yet with his lovely mattress at stake.


sat watching something on the iPad whilst on the potty…hmm…. who does he remind me of?

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