Date Night #1

Date Night #1

James and I tried to go out on a date night half way through last month.  Our friends willingly stepped up and offered to babysit all four of them for us.  When they first mentioned it I literally had to hold back the tears as I just never saw this happening for us.  I figured when James has a job and we can afford, we can maybe pay someone we find who goes through extensive referencing (I’m a little OTT, although think you can never be too careful) and then we can maybe be strategic about date night.  To have friends we know, love and trust offer to watch them for us.  A lovely childless (at the moment) couple want to give up their Saturday night to sit in our living room and put our children to bed?  I was extremely overwhelmed.

date night 1
Isis didn’t wait until we’d left to show her true colours haha
Date night 2
Andy looks scared – not really he was awesome
date night 3
Chrissie invaded by the babies

They joined us for food, James cooked us all a roast pork dinner.  Bless him, and then after I’d washed the dishes and pottered around (a lot), I was anxious to leave and just kept finding things to do, they practically ushered us out of the house (well a toss up between that and James virtually dragging me).  We were very, very short of money at the time (well, we are in general at the moment) and the bit of money we had in the bank we needed for petrol.  So, we just set off without a real plan (date night FAIL).

058 083 063

James just kept taking photographs whilst I was driving, I was trying to find a place I used to go walking as a child, it’s about 25 mins drive from our home.  I missed the turning and we then ended up hopping on the motorway back home *oops*.  We parked up and went to the pub at the end of our street, so funny.  Figured it would be useful to know if it was any good or not though, right?? right?? work with me here people trying to make excuses for my epic fail.

Date night fail no. 2 from me.  The pub at the end of the street was strange, I’m so not used to that environment on a Saturday night anymore, it seemed unreal.  Reminded me of when I started out gigging in the corner of places like it…. singing my shoulda woulda coulda’s for some money.  I think I much prefer a nice wine bar.  The food that was being served looked great though and I thought we’ll come back here one lunch/dinner time with the children.  The next fail was that James brought into conversation something that had been stressing us both out, and I answered him.  Wasn’t good, I was struggling with anxiety at the time and we were supposed to be escaping all that for quality time.  It ended up with my running back and forwards to the loo and realising that I would just rather snuggle up at home.  We then returned home.

We returned back a grand 1 hour and 20 minutes after we left the house to find all the children asleep in bed and Andy and Chrissie watching ‘Hook’ relaxing on the sofa.  They were legends and are definitely booked in for next time (they’ve given us a date in October due to their holidays, well worth waiting for).  They borrowed ‘Hook’ and we went to snuggle upstairs.

Things we have learned from Date Night #1 :

a) plan – know what we’re going to do before we do it

b) save – set aside the money earlier in the month so we’re prepared for what we’ve planned

c) don’t discuss stressful things – date night is supposed to be about quality time.  Although I was pleased with the outcome of our conversation, it could’ve been discussed another time.

I’m looking forward to doing  trying to do things properly next time.


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