18 Days of Summer #12

18 Days of Summer #12


 Today was a very long day, as the alarm was set for 3:30am.  Today we were travelling down to Worthing, West Sussex.  This is a 6 hour drive if you drive straight down with no stops and there’s no traffic.  I had all the children with me and James was travelling down on the National Express (hmm… wonder who had the better deal?).
After everyone was ready, and I’d finished sorting boosters, isofix’s, seatbelts it was just before 5.  I had been throwing up all morning, don’t know if that was because it was early or the anxiety, but it was horrible.  Anyway, we were on our way.
The first part of the journey was great, I drove the first 3 and a half hours straight.  We listened to music, I had to sing along to some upbeat Beyonce to keep myself awake.  The children did some dancing to their church favourites, the babies mostly slept.  Shayla was fantastic, giving Eden her bottle, feeding her a banana and putting her pacifier back in when she wanted it.  She was being an amazing big sister as she was stuck in the middle between the two babies.
We finally stopped at Beaconsfield services as it was getting close to 9 o’clock and we were just outside of London.  I could see traffic was going to become a problem so I cheered at the sight of a Starbucks.  It was quite funny actually, I cheered, ‘yay, a Starbucks for Mummy, woohoo!’ and Judah exclaimed ‘yay, ‘Donalds for Judah, woohoo!’  The girls were in hysterics.
breakfast 1
Isis enjoying her pancakes
breakfast 2
Shayla had a sausage and egg snack wrap

breakfast 3

breakfast 4
Judah also had pancakes (minus the syrup *wink*)
breakfast 5
breastfeeding tip when travelling with 4 children, 1 that may run off (pack a bottle)

It wasn’t fun being in the services with all 4 of them at once.  I had Judah attached to my wrist with his monkey backpack (to learn more about his backpack click here).  My handbag with all electronic valuables I didn’t want to leave in the car over my shoulder, the my pinklining yummy mummy changing bag across my body, carrying the maxi-cosi car seat with the other arm.  Luckily, the two girls walked closely by my side and are well-behaved, otherwise I just wouldn’t have been able to do this.

As I tried to enjoy my coffee, I had downgraded to McDonald’s coffee as trekking them all across to Starbucks wouldn’t have been fun, Judah started to throw himself in the middle of the floor.  Jo Public just walked over him as the hustle and bustle doesn’t stop for a toddler tantrum.  I wasn’t enjoying my coffee for much longer so decided to cut my losses and get everyone back in the car.  Judah was not very happy at this idea, and did the usual struggle to get into the car seat, can’t blame him after the long drive but I still had to get where I was going so in he went.  He proceeded to scream for about half an hour.  I just switched off.  I had to, he set Eden off.  The result was something like this …

 Don’t you wish you were me?  Isis found my backing tracks on Spotify, I use them for my Popular Music pupils, we decided to have a singsong as we got stuck in traffic.  Here’s a couple of vids, the singing isn’t amazing, we were just having fun, but the faces the girls pull, especially Isis made me chuckle.

and the dreaded song from the Ice movie that cannot receive it’s proper title around most children without setting off a reaction.

 Singing kept me chilled and relaxed as I could be.  We never needed to use ‘Turbo’ on the iPad, I was so impressed with their behaviour.  It could’ve been so much worse.  We arrived in Worthing just before lunch time, Grandad sorted them out with some toast and ‘Despicable Me’ on arrival.  I was very grateful to just sit and chill for a while.
chilling in Nanny and Grandad's living room
chilling in Nanny and Grandad’s living room

Nanny arrived not long after to see the children.  She sorted them out with sausage rolls, salad, grapes etc.  They were very happy and well-fed children.

We then decided as the weather had brightened up a little bit to go and have a perusal of the local surroundings.  I needed to go and collect James in about 2 hours time at this point, but he had the double buggy with him.  Nevermind, I wore Eden in my Simply Good Cozy Wrap sling and Judah could walk with his monkey backpack attached…. or could he?  We headed out anyway.

This all went well when Judah was enjoying himself and we were doing the things he wanted to do.  The children had a great time, running through sprinklers, playing at the park.  Below are some of the shots I captured.


114 157

164 176

178 191

205 231

245 261

284 289

It all turned when it was time to leave the park and Judah didn’t want to.

judah's refusal

I could tell that it was going to start raining so we were headed for home.  Grandad walked ahead with the two girls and Judah decided he wouldn’t move.  I was probably only about a quarter of a mile from the house, but when you have a baby strapped to you and a 2 year old that won’t walk this is not a good combination.  It started to rain, literally throwing it down, we were drenched, I looked as though I had been fully submerged in water.  Judah was just led in the street refusing to come with me.  I was concerned about how wet Eden was getting, we’ve all got coughs and colds at the moment.  Grandad was long gone with the girls.

I wanted to reason with Judah, hoping we could come to an arrangement whereas, he walks home and I give him chocolate, but no, he didn’t want to be reasoned with.  I told him he would lose his Peppa Pig watching privileges and there would be no cake.  This didn’t work either.  To be fair, he’s 2, he was tired and didn’t want to walk.  The problem was, I was exhausted and just couldn’t carry them both.  Unfortunately for me, after strangers were coming up to us to stand with us with their umbrella’s, cafe owners running out to tell me I could come sit in their cafe if I wanted, the reality was I pretty much half carried him, and half dragged him home.  Alternating as I had the energy, it was horrific.  I got in with 2 completely drenched babies, and informed James’ dad that he would have to go and collect James from the train station as I needed to get the children into a warm bath and into some clean clothes.  This is not an experience I ever want to repeat.

Once James was home, I stayed in bed.  I laid in bed, in my nightie, breastfeeding the baby and then just stayed there.  I was completely zapped of energy.  You know that feeling when you’re about to snap and you go one of two ways, I could either… drown all the screaming children in the bath (obviously not an option but can totally understand why people do these horrific things, not that it is ever excusable, I guess that’s why they now make new mum’s watch the shaken baby syndrome videos on the maternity wards) or just switch off entirely for my sanity.  I chose to just switch off, I let the children run riot and I stayed in bed with the baby.  All the other adults looked after the children and I zoned out for the evening.  Eventually, when the children were going to bed I gave them all kisses and cuddles, told them I loved them, checked they’d enjoyed their dinner Grandad made, and said goodnight.

James came to bed later and we watched Bridget Jones : The Edge of Reason that was on television, I say watched it, but I was asleep before they got to Thailand.

I was pleased with all we achieved today, but am grateful that I am not a single parent.  I think all single parents are amazing, I salute you and do not know how you do it.  You astound me, and I am very grateful I have a husband who can take over when I am at the end of my wit.


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