18 Days of Summer #13

18 Days of Summer #13

my family

Today we began our day safely in Worthing.  Judah had me up at 5am so it was another early start.  James’ parents had bought croissants and pain au chocolat in for breakfast so the children enjoyed their fill.  The girls wanted to read the blog to catch up, so they sat together and Isis read it out to Judah (who’s interest wavered much) and Shayla, they were very cute.


We decided to just go and see what we could find to do in and around Worthing.  I did the girls hair as usual, their choices today …

diagonal loop braid
diagonal loop braid

and Isis had …

half-loop tieback
half-loop tieback

Isis’ half-loop tieback would be a great ‘back2school’ hairstyle if I’d done it a bit tighter to her head.  I had done it loose as I thought it looked pretty sitting where it did, but it meant that stray hairs kept working their way above the braid all day just making it look messy.  This began when the children were terrorising James when we were trying to get ready.

cute Dad's hairstyles
cute Dad’s hairstyles

We were going to head for lunch when our plans were thwarted by Eden’s need to have a nap, so James made us all lunch.  I had an omelette (trying to eat healthier) and the rest ate bacon and egg sandwiches.  Once Eden was up and had eaten her lunch (an Ella’s Kitchen pouch) we headed into Worthing.  As soon as we started wandering into town, we stumbled upon a mobile sandpit.  It was in the middle of the town and had a stage set up and music playing.  Buckets and spades were in the sand and the girls immediately wanted to go play.  Judah had fallen asleep in the Bugaboo Donkey by now, Eden was still wide awake, so I took her to join in too.  NB. I had to keep Eden’s pacifier in so she wouldn’t eat the sand.

Shayla showing off her sandcastle
I love sunny Worthing
I love how paunchy she looks here, it’s all coat *wink*

025 040 042 047

Dave Benson Phillips do you remember him?  The CBBC Presenter of ‘Get Your Own Back’ where a child gets to dunk a teacher or an adult who has wronged them in gunge.  He was singing children’s songs and party dance numbers.  The girls were far too interested in making sandcastles as it was one of the things on their bucket list we hadn’t managed to do yet, but I know if Judah hadn’t been asleep, he would’ve been dancing along.

After a while, I noticed it was going to start raining, again *tuts*, so we decided to head somewhere warm for a hot beverage.  We headed to the little restaurant on the Pier.  it was lovely, very buggy friendly, even with my double beast, I had no problems inside or out with maneuverability.  We didn’t quite make it to the Pier without them pulling funny faces in the face boards around the side of the sandpit.

062 063 065

We all enjoyed hot chocolates with marshmallows, whipped cream and a flake apart from Alan (James’ Dad) who had a Baileys Coffee, think I would’ve joined him if I wasn’t still breastfeeding Eden.  Judah was still asleep and Eden had a bit of a crawl around the table and then the floor, it still looks so odd as she is so small.

Here are some snaps we got from our trip to the restaurant on the Pier ‘The Denton‘ as it is called.

rocking my Prada
hmm… why didn’t you get me a coffee Daddy?
‘I love my Daddy’
bored in the buggy
being cheeky
I want to get this made into a canvas for Alan
doing a ‘Britney’, not a fan of the mamarazzi
poor Judah was still asleep

When we got back to the house, Alan made us a lovely homemade staple… ‘sausage, mash and onion gravy’ it was so yum.  You know when you just fancy something simple and tasty.  It really hit the spot, also, he dragged another table through and made it very cute for us all to eat in one sitting.  Judah and Shayla looked especially cute on their table.

hmm... food
hmm… food

After dinner the children put on a performance for us, of the dreaded Ice film, yes, the dreaded F* word….. *whispers* Frozen.  My favourite part was they had dressed James up as a reindeer with antlers on his head made from a coathanger and a belt in his mouth as the bridle.  Shayla riding in on his back was hilarious.  Children can be so creative sometimes, I think they get their overactive imaginations from their Father haha.  Here are some pics of the grand finale and their audience.

113 124 129 141It was such a late night for them all.  I loved seeing them so happy, but by the time James and I got to bed we were absolutely exhausted.  I have to drive to London tomorrow to drop off my Bugaboo Donkey with my wonderful friend Charlotte who sells them, and pick up a Cameleon with a buggy board for my monkey prince instead.  I am really looking forward to hanging out with her, but not to the drive.  Also very excited to see my pint-sized princesses new chariot, I’ve gone really girlie as now Judah won’t be sharing it with her (aside from his manly buggy board) I can.

Anyone else have to watch constant shows and performances of the dreaded ice film, or just made up performances in general or is it just our fame hungry minions?

I love reading all your comments so please feel free to comment below...

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