18 Days of Summer #14

18 Days of Summer #14


Today was a strange one, I woke up late after barely sleeping the night before and then needed to just get ready and get on the road to go and see my best friend in London.  My friend is great at cleaning up Bugaboo’s and is debating starting a little business out of it as she’s starting to get some demand.  With great success in ebay in the past we sorted it so that she will sell our Bugaboo Donkey and we picked up a Bugaboo Cameleon 2 from her.  So, we now have the Cameleon and a buggy board with a seat for our monkey prince.  Excited to see what he thinks of it.  Also, so pleased to have a really girlie pram for our little baby princess.  Everything is soft pink and she looks adorable in it.

I headed up to London and arrived for lunch time.  I just took my littlest one with me, so she could try out her new chariot.  Was really nice to have some one on one time with her even if it was mostly in the car.  She is just so sweet and never any fuss.  It’s very easy to forget she’s around in the hustle and bustle with the other children, but was nice to be just the two of us for a little while.

Charlotte has been my best friend since we were about 11 years old.  We went to high school, college together, have holidayed and lived together for a short time before she moved down to London.  I miss hanging out with her a lot, but don’t often get the time to realise it.  Whenever we are together it is just like we have never been apart.  We’re still the same people but with little families now.  I have always felt sad that I wasn’t around for her more whilst she was starting her little family.  My ex-husband wasn’t the best for putting me in a place to support others though, so I guess I shouldn’t feel too guilty (past is past and all that), I like to make the effort now though.  I try and visit when I can, send birthdays and Christmas presents although, sometimes they’re delayed due to my posting efforts.

Charlotte’s children are 6, 4 and 2.  Spike was born just 6 weeks after Judah.  We always say how lovely it would be if we lived closer and the boys could be friends.  Eden made herself at home stealing Spike’s toast.  Spike also gave Eden her first taste of chocolate.  So funny, anyone else would’ve got reprimanded by me (Judah was nearly 2 before he had proper chocolate, about 16 months before he tried white chocolate), but when it’s a little baby, I just had to laugh.  Eden is a scavenger when it comes to food, she finds a way to get her hands on whatever is around, we have to be extra vigilant with her.


My main regret with my time with Charlotte is that I didn’t spend enough time snapping some pictures.  Wasn’t sure if Charlotte would mind me papping her children for my blog.  Turns out she doesn’t mind at all so next week when I go back, I will get some more of our children playing together.

Daisy 1
gorgeous Daisy showing off her climbing skills
Matilda 1
beautiful Matilda chilling watching TV

We weren’t able to spend too much time with Charlotte as I had to drive 1 hour and 40 minutes back down to Worthing and I didn’t want to get stuck in the after work rush coming out of London.  Eden cried for about 30 minutes on the motorway, it was horrible, but I knew the best thing I could do for her would just be to get back.  She fell asleep after a while and as soon as I arrived back I gave her a long feed for comfort and extra cuddles.

James’ Dad had prepared some yummy food for when we got back.  A lovely fresh tomato sauce and pasta.  The children all enjoyed it.  As soon as we had finished eating, I took some painkillers and went to hang out in the bedroom as my head hurt and the girls wanted to perform another show for their grandparents. 014 019 022

The girls chose some hairstyles after dinner so they were ready for their show.  I put a zipper braid in both of their hair as I had been dying to try it out.  I think it will be a great ‘Back to School’ style.

026 dontcallmestepmummy

I then went to bed with the babies.  James helped me settle the babies down for the night and we were looking forward to the next day when hopefully I wouldn’t have a headache anymore.  Tomorrow we’re going to see James’ Auntie, Isis hasn’t seen her for a very long time and Shayla has never met them.  Will be nice for them to meet familly and to show off how beautifully well-behaved James’ gorgeous daughters are.  I love moments where they get to feel part of the wider family that their in.  They are in a wedding with their Mum’s family next weekend and that will be an amazing time for them too.  They will be absolutely buzzing when they come back from being bridesmaids, can’t wait to hear all about it.

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