18 Days of Summer #15

18 Days of Summer #15


Today was a slow starter as we all took our time getting ready.  I seem to be lagging after all these busy days in the mornings at the moment.  I’m not sleeping very well which isn’t helpful when I’m trying to keep four children entertained.  It’s been really helpful having the inlaws around as they help keep the children entertained and allow us to rest a little.  Don’t know what we’ll do when they’re away next week.

As usual the girls chose their hairstyles from the cutegirlshairstyles app.

knotted headband

Shayla went for the knotted headband that Isis wore last week

ladder braided pony

Isis chose the ladder braided ponytail. This was easy to do but I don’t think it’s my favourite. She liked it though so I guess that’s what matters.  The difficult thing with four children and 2 that are still so young is that sometimes we have to work around naptimes.  We have never had a strict routine with naps.  Judah got himself into a routine at one point, but then it would change with different things that we needed to do etc. sometimes he gets woken up because I have to.  I don’t have the time to just sit in the car for a couple of hours if he’s fallen asleep on the short drive to the supermarket.  However, saying that, when we can allow them to rest when they want/need to, we do.  Eden went for a nap, so we started to prepare to go out for a picnic when she awoke.

The children were hard at work helping prepare the picnic with their Nanny.

cheese grating
Shayla official cheese grater
Isis sandwich making
Isis sliced and buttered the bread rolls, and then chopped up cucumber
Judah had to pull the tomatoes off stalks and put them into a container

Once Eden was awake we packed everything up and headed out to ‘Brooklands’ for a picnic.  We hit the playground first as we weren’t sure how long we would have the sun for, then it was time to eat, then we managed to go on the train ride before it was time for us to go and visit family.  Here are some pics :

shayla with hello kitty
Judah was petrified of this fake ‘hello kitty.’ Shayla was amazed that she met the ‘real’ Hello Kitty
buggyboard bugaboo
Judah enjoys his buggyboard

061 063 071 118 144 168 159 157 151 171 182 197

We’d only put 2 hours on the carpark and the weather seemed to be turning so we then headed to see James’ auntie.  The last time we saw her was the day of her son’s funeral so it was strange to be back there.  We had the children though, that was nice, Shayla has never even met them before as she was born up North where I met James, the last time they saw Isis she was in a buggy, so that must’ve been before she was 3.  Was nice to be with family.  We are looking forward to when they come to visit us at the end of September which will tie in with Shayla’s 5th birthday party, so that will be a joyous time.

Shayla and Nanny
Shayla-Rae with Nanny
Eden maxi=cosi
Eden whilst we were outside waiting for them to arrive
Eden in headband
Eden in Isis’ headband
cheeky Eden
Cheeky Eden
pregnant Natasha
beautiful Natasha (James’ cousin) only has 6 weeks left
James & Caitlin
the teenagers were bored, gorgeous James & Caitlin
Auntie Janette with Eden

We headed back once it was time to get back for dinner.  James’ parents nipped to Waitrose on the way home and we all had pizza for dinner.  I’m trying to eat better but as I don’t seem to be losing weight anyway (4 weeks of being good) and it was a one off, I caved and joined them.  It is difficult to eat right when you’re not cooking for yourself isn’t it?  Well, that’s what I find.  Not to seem ungrateful, I have felt really blessed having so much help with the day to day things us Mum’s have to do, but I am looking forward to getting back to meal planning *coughs*, sad I know.

The rest of the evening was spent with James’ mum and his brother having to do the ‘ice bucket challenge’, James loved being the one to sort out the ice-water, he’s quite sadistic like that sometimes.  Here are their videos:

After dinner they all watched a DVD of a childhood holiday with James’ late cousin in it. It was a special bonding time for the family, I was upstairs blogging whilst Judah and Eden slept in the room. I was sad not to be there for James, but knew I needed to catch up with blogging and didn’t want to be doing it after he came to bed. The Matrix was on television when James came to bed, I was so excited to watch it with him but just ended up falling asleep.

Does anyone else love ‘The Matrix’ as much as I do? Was gutted to miss it, think I will have to watch it when we get home *chuckles*. Tomorrow, James’ parents head on holiday and I plan to make cards with the girls for James’ birthday Sunday. First birthday where I haven’t bought James dozens of presents due to finances. He’ll be 30 next year so guess I can spoil him then…

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