18 Days of Summer #16

18 Days of Summer #16


So, the above horrendously blurry photography is down to the fact that I have somehow broken my DSLR. I don’t understand what I’ve done to it. When I press the capture button, it doesn’t take a photo. I have spent most of the evening trying to figure out exactly what I’ve done. The odd photos that I managed to capture today were as I was pressing random buttons to get it to work. It seems to take pictures when I press the lock button??? Totally baffled. Perhaps Katie at MummyDaddyMe will be able to help? I may end up going to a shop for advice on Monday. It’s James’ birthday tomorrow so I’m very unhappy that I won’t have the camera. Guess the mobile will do. So, anyway back to today….

Today was another very slow starter, James’ parents were packing to travel up to Shropshire for their holiday.  We didn’t want to disappear off without saying goodbye properly.  I thought it was early they were leaving, but it was closer to lunch time that they left.  Was lovely to see them off but as we weren’t sure at what point they would go, we hadn’t gone off to get ready etc until after they’d gone, and then that was lunch time, so James sorted that out whilst I tried to catch up with blogging (procrastinator).  I am really struggling with having to blog everyday, but I am so close to the end of our series and I have enjoyed looking back over the last 15 posts just earlier as I was updating my pinterest.  I know the children will appreciate being able to relive the memories as they can access the blog posts at any time.  This information just makes me feel guilty for not making today more exciting for them though.

In the afternoon Judah had a nap, as did Eden, Isis played Rayman on Uncle John’s PS4 and Shayla sat watching a movie by my side whilst I was blogging perusing twitter.  When I had finally finished the post that took forever we went out to go get craft supplies to make James’ birthday cards from the children for tomorrow.

Once we had supplies we were heading to the beach.  Now we have not had any accidents from Judah for days now.  Typical that the one time I didn’t have spare clothes with me, it was only a short walk from the house, he decided to throw a tantrum, lie in the middle of the street.  When he finally calmed down and got back onto his buggy board I could see he’d had an accident *oops*.

look at that teary face, let's say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?
look at that teary face, let’s say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?

As we didn’t have any clothes with us, we just ended up heading back to the house *sighs*.  Felt like it had been a rubbish journey for the girls, but to be fair they had picked up some gorgeous flip flops from ‘Accessorize’ in the sale ready for next summer if we don’t get the sun again this year.

apologies for the horrendous camera work, can’t figure out what I’ve done
beautiful flip-flops will fit Shayla next summer

The girls and Judah made cards for James for his birthday tomorrow whilst he stuck some chicken nuggets and french fries in the oven.  Really pushed the culinary boat out tonight.  Sometimes I just want something quick, in the oven and bam! everyone’s eating.  We then all piled into our bed to watch ‘Princess Diaries’ on the TV.  Then about 8:30 everyone was in bed.  A pretty uneventful day really, but tomorrow we will be busy celebrating a certain someone’s 29th birthday.  Hoping I can figure out what to do with the camera for tomorrow so that I don’t miss any magical memories.  I love my iPhone but since I smashed my iPhone 5, I’m not down with the lesser pixels on my iPhone 4S.  Need to fix the DSLR.
Well James is sound asleep now and ‘Happy Gilmore’ is on TV.  I guess I should just go to sleep, it’s a big day tomorrow *smiles*, I’m looking forward to the celebrations!!

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