Me and Mine – family portrait project – August

Me and Mine – family portrait project – August

So, I have done something to the DSLR.  This is a problem, as I’ve never really focused on learning how to use it properly.  When the children are just running around like crazy, I usually have it on auto focus and action mode to capture all of the craziness as they zoom past me.  As I’ve looked back at the photos that I’ve taken today I realise that when I have my shades on, my judgement of focus isn’t that good.  Oh dear, I’m either very tired or getting old … let’s pretend it’s the tired/shades thing.

I haven’t bought a tripod yet since we purchased the DSLR in March and as a result, I am NEVER in the photographs.  If my husband can manage to get the camera off me, he may try and snap a few, but it is very rare, and I usually hate them and so…. delete.  Today as we were out and about for my husbands birthday and after seeing some of the other August posts going up I realised that it was now or never for us to try and join in.  As I am ALWAYS behind the camera (need to start learning how to use it properly though) I absolutely LOVE this project, what a great idea to be able to look back on us as a family each month.

This month has been a great month as we’ve been able to have the girls for the majority.  I have captured many memories and many photos of everyone this month, but our family portrait shot this month comes from the random elderly gentleman I found on a bench opposite the sea.  We are going to invest a tripod this month, I have been on amazon literally 10 mins ago starting to do some research into bargains that aren’t rubbish.


I am excited to partake in this project and think that these photographs of us all together (although you can’t see Eden’s face in this one) will be invaluable to us in the future.  I have enjoyed having so much time as our blended family this month an awful lot and will miss the girls dreadfully when they have to go.  It will be nice to always have these memories, especially for them to look back at when they are older and remember they were always a part of our family.  Our family photos will always be of the six of us and not the four.

(I also hope to see my photography improve over the coming months *winks*)

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