Potty Training the boy #4 – regression

Potty Training #4 – regression

look at that teary face, let's say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?
look at that teary face, let’s say the wet patch is from the crying shall we?

Ok, so I was feeling really pleased that we seemed to have gotten over the worst of the potty training, but the last few days, I guess things have been hectic and we’ve not been as focused on Judah. Today is day 18 of our 18 Days of Summer and it has been pretty full on for him as opposed to when we just spend most of our day pottering around at home and he has a bare bum and his potty around all the time.

He has done so well this last week considering we forgot to bring a potty down with us and he’s been going on the toilet but we have had more accidents in this last few days than we’ve had since we started put together.  Not that it’s a lot, there are still more successes than accidents, but in comparison to how he was doing, definite regression.  Today I bought a little step for him from Babylove in Worthing, they have lovely clothes and a great selection of all sorts of accessories, everything you could need for babies and toddlers.  Although Judah was having a little strop because I wouldn’t buy him another pair of wellies (to be honest, I would’ve bought him them had he not been tantrumming and asked nicely) and they didn’t have a time machine for me to fast forward to when he’s four, so they don’t have everything you could want, but most things *winks*.

I’m hoping with a little step to help him be able to just take himself to the loo now that this will be helpful, also in a couple of days we’ll be travelling home and we’ll be able to resume his normal routine.  He has loved this time with his sisters and I will be so sad for him when they go back to the ‘other mummy’s’ especially as he won’t then see them for a week.  We will have to keep him very busy, but I guess it will hopefully allow us the time to reestablish routine.

Regression is not a negative thing, it just means that your toddler has taken a step back in their routine with toilet training.  This can be for many reasons, for us it has blatantly been the disruption in routine and moving location a few times in the last couple of weeks.  I am sure that once the holiday season is over we will be back on track.  I am still immensely proud by how well he is doing.  Today we had no accidents all day and we had been out at soft play and perusing shops.  So, when we’re vigilant I know that we can make it a more successful journey for him.

3 thoughts on “Potty Training the boy #4 – regression

  1. I’ve really enjoyed reading these potty training posts lovely! Judah is just a little older than Arthur and so it’s nice to read and get an idea of what to expect!! We’ve had signs of readiness and so decided to give it a go, not gonna put any pressure on ourselves though!
    We are definitely at an advantage with the warm weather here so no need for clothes, and no carpets to get wet but we will see how we go!!! Xx

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    1. Aww good luck, we went backwards in winter as I was driving up and down the motorway so much I kept putting a nappy on him, but I made a conscious effort and we were finally completely nappy free about 4 months ago. Like you said, best to not pressurise yourself xx good luck Arthur xx


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