Just the 2 of us – week four

Just the 2 of us – week four

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Todays post really should be about my time last week collecting Eden’s new chariot.  I felt that there wasn’t really much to elaborate from the post I wrote that day, so we’re back to Shayla-Rae for now, and I will take care to have a ‘Just the 2 of us’ post for Eden and I soon.  To be fair she is the one who is attached to me the most and I have to make more of an effort to spend time with the others, but also, I need to make sure to do fun things with Eden too, rather than just drag her around whilst sorting everyone else.

Shayla and I went to find a little cafe to have breakfast together, so we set about wandering down the seafront.  She is such a funny child, I asked her what she would like for breakfast, she replied ‘I don’t know.’  I suggest pancakes (knowing that the last few times she had them she didn’t seem to enjoy them and expecting her to say no), her eyes lit up and she said ‘yeah.’  I reminded her that she hasn’t enjoyed them the last two times and we should maybe look for something else.  She agreed.

We found a little vintage tea room at ‘The Dome‘ on the seafront.  We found a place to sit looking out to sea and took a look at the menu.  Shayla chose beans on toast and a smoothie to drink, whilst I had eggs benedict and a mocha *tuts* – naughty but nice.

004 005 007

 The food was yummy, a little pricey but nothing above what I would expect given the location and venue.  Shayla really enjoyed her smoothie and kept it in a ‘to go’ cup whilst we went wandering around the shops.
We found ourselves at Debenhams, I am still determined to find a plain canvas bag so that we can make their own PE bags for school which we found on the Tots 100 site. We found some delightful fabric at ‘The Fabric Shop’ the other day for the bunting but still haven’t found a plain canvas bag.  Debenhams was overreaching I’m sure, but just getting so frustrated with looking in every shop.  We will have to wait to make them when we get back home and I can order a couple online.
We ended up buying some lovely ‘at home with Ashley Thomas’ biscuit stamps and cookie cutters instead.  We will make some biscuits later in the afternoon to make thank you gifts for various people who’ve been lovely to us recently.  The girls are really looking forward to this.  We will put up a post of their finished products here when we’re done.
Shayla and I then went to sit at the beach whilst she finished her smoothie and we made her birthday video ready for in a couple of weeks when she turns 5.  She’s so cute, I love having those little chats with her.  She’s a very funny character, my favourite answer to what’s your favourite food? ‘Pasta.’  I asked her what type of pasta, she responded ‘normal pasta.’  Children are so funny, they’re not down with fancy foods, they just want what’s normal, I mentioned this in my ‘Ordinary Moments – mealtimes‘ post recently.
Prada sunglasses
rocking my Prada


butterfly button Uggs
the butterfly button Uggs are back with the cooler weather

As we walked back up the path to the front door and we were holding hands, Shayla looked up at me and said, ‘I’ve had a nice time Mummy.’  This just melted my heart and reminded me why we try and make these little moments of quality time where it’s ‘Just the 2 of us.’

Don't Call Me Step Mummy
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