Top 30 Buys for Eden’s A/W Wardrobe

Top 30 Buys for Eden’s A/W Wardrobe

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I have been excited for my pint-sized princess to grow all year.  Last year I bought her so many clothes whilst I was waiting for her arrival, and as she hasn’t really grown all year, she is still in 0-3 months clothes, I have been waiting to see what season it will be when I can buy her some new clothes.  I think I can now buy her some 3-6 months clothes in the A/W range and the above are all on my hitlist.
1) bird dress

2) printed dress

3) butterfly sweatshirt

4) short cardigan with bow

5) double breasted jacket

6) crown sweater

7) shirt with frill collar

8) shirt with crochet collar

9) flower print t-shirt

10) jeans with hearts

11) leggings with buttons

12) knitted beret

13) loose fit trousers

14) loose fit printed trousers

15) shimmer harem pants

16) printed low cut dress

17) leather maryjane with bow

18) ballerina with bow

19) pink bow prom dress

20) polka dot leather blucher

21) ochre cord shorts

22) turquoise faux fur gilet

23) grey knitted stripes and spots tights

24) red dot and bird print babygrow

25) purple floral leggings

26) printed jersey dress

27) crown headband

28) fluffy bunny earmuff

29) flower crochet snood

30) baby skye skirt

I’m sure there will be many more things as the season continues but these should be a good start.  Now, to just find some money to purchase them *winks*.

2 thoughts on “Top 30 Buys for Eden’s A/W Wardrobe

    1. Yes me too. I am always buying for them, forget to buy for myself, although now I’m bigger I don’t enjoy shopping for me at the moment. I always think as long as the children look beautiful, when you’re a WAHM they’re our calling card anyway 😉


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