‘At Home with Ashley Thomas’ Thank You Biscuits

‘At Home with Ashley Thomas’ Thank You Biscuits


Lots of people helped to make us have a wonderful home, with both James and my parents letting us stay in their homes (we are a family of 6 after all), people lending beds, helping with the children, sorting out Eden’s new buggy.  When Shayla and I were out in town for our quality time we saw some cute ‘At Home with Ashley Thomas’ biscuit stamps and cookie cutters.  We promptly purchased them and decided that we would make thank you biscuits for the people who had made our holiday special.

We got the recipe from BBC good food but adapted it to suit our needs.  For example, the girls biscuits needed to be a bit thicker so that they could stamp them without going through them.  If they were older, and could have been a bit more controlled with the tools we could’ve maybe gone thinner.  The recipe says it’s for 30 biscuits, but the cookie cutters we were using were quite large.  We doubled the recipe as we had a lot of people to thank and then added a lot more flour as we tried to get the dough to bind (this is due to the fact we added whole eggs, not just the yokes *oops*).  Here is the recipe as we made it :


500g softened butter

750g plain flour

480g caster sugar

2 eggs

4 tsp vanilla extract


Mix the softened butter and caster sugar together in a large bowl with a wooden spoon,  then add the eggs and vanilla extract, and briefly beat to combine.  Sift over the plain flour and then stir until the mixture is well combined – we got our hands in at the end to give the dough a really good mix and make sure it was all evenly pressed together.


We then greased a baking tray with some more of the softened butter.  Pressed a small ball of dough onto the tray about a centimetre thick (depth) and the girls chose the shapes they wanted to cut each biscuit and which stamp they used.

image image image

at home with ashley thomas, biscuit stamp
stamps said ‘made with love’ on one, ‘I heart biscuits’ on another and a heart on the third


 We placed them into the oven at Gas Mark 6 approx 180 C for about 15 minutes and then allowed them to cool.  We didn’t have a cooling tray as we were at Nanny’s home, so we would flip them over after a while of cooling so the other side could cool too.
image image
 Once they had all cooled we sectioned them into stacks of 5 and wrapped them with bakers twine, and added gift tags just to say thank you to those who had helped us.
image image
We then cling filmed them so they wouldn’t go stale and we were done.  Again if you have air tight containers this would be better, we were just trying to find what we could in Nanny’s kitchen, as she isn’t a big baker it was hit and miss as to what we had available.
The girls really enjoyed making these and their little faces when they presented them to their Mum and Kerry when they arrived were so cute.  They were really proud of them (and also I think wanting to tuck into them themselves, although we had kept some back separate for that which they forgot to take *oops*).
So, if you want to try making them (maybe without the egg whites and 150g less flour) let us know how they turn out.  Did you have as much fun as our girls?
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