A month of blogging

A month of blogging

just one of the reasons I blog, beautiful Eden

So today is the 8th of the month, and this time last month I decided to start blogging for my children.  Blogging to inspire myself to keep going and be the best Mum I could be.  Blogging to get some routine and order back into my life as I focus on the children.  Blogging to keep our memories somewhere we can find them as the children grow and to remind them that they were always 100% wanted and 100% loved whatever else may come our way.

I tried blogging in the past but my motives were different.  I used it to try and vent where I was at as I went through two difficult pregnancies.  There was no joy in it for me and I couldn’t stay motivated and didn’t want to blog when I felt down.  This time it’s different,  I’m blogging for the children.  I also feel censored in the fact that I know they will read this, Isis reads it now, she can find it on her tablet whilst she’s at the ‘other mummy’s’ and she can see what her siblings are up to when her and Shayla aren’t around.  This means this isn’t my venting space, this is their space, for their memories and they are part of it.  Isis has written me some blogs bless her, I need to get them emailed from Grandad’s computer where she wrote and saved them.  I am excited for this to be a journey that we all take together.

I found it really difficult to blog whilst on holiday but this was a project that I started and the children wanted me to do, so they didn’t mind me taking the time in the evenings to post, usually because they were in bed.  It became a bit like a chore but I loved the challenge to keep it up.  I now feel a little bit addicted and think of things all the time that I could blog about.  I want to make sure that I don’t forget the balance of work, family, my relationship, and blogging.  I have read lots of tips about starting out and how people found it difficult the first year as they became engrossed in blogging, so I want to keep my eye on that.

Here’s to many more months of blogging, so much to learn, and so much to journey, enjoying it so far….

4 thoughts on “A month of blogging

  1. I think it’s so lovely that you want to share the blogging experience and that you want to keep it positive. It is easy to fall into that trap of venting all the time, but you are right, it does make it more difficult. The occasional rant is okay though, it is your space after all.


    1. thanks, yes, I just have to be careful what I rant about lol, but yes you’re right, I want it to be real for them and real for me. This is our life, I just need to be more tactful 🙂 especially as the ‘other mummy’ reads it too 😉 ‘Hi Emma’


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