Hyperemesis Gravidarum – the Royal Baby

Hyperemesis Gravidarum – the Royal Baby


Amazing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are going to grace us with another beautiful baby.  No doubt Kate will look amazing and have us all dazzling at her maternity style, but it isn’t all blooming and glowing.  This second early announcement leans towards the Duchess having hyperemesis gravidarum again.  I suffered with this throughout both my pregnancies and with the second it was so bad I couldn’t even keep water down at one point.  Also, with the second it continued up until I gave birth.

Poor Kate will have the best doctors around her and hopefully they will deal with the medical side earlier for her this time as they know what the condition is sooner.

So what is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?  It is a horrendous pregnant condition that affects about 3% of pregnant women.  Best described as severe morning sickness.  When I had it I panicked thinking it meant that something would be up with my babies, but it usually just means that the hormones are nice and strong.  The mum-to-be might not be feeling so great, but the baby inside is growing well upsetting the hormonal balance that causes this extreme sickness.

There are treatments out there, none of them worked for myself, but it did ease it I guess.  Please if you are suffering, don’t go through it alone, only now am I aware of support groups on various websites (cafemom, babycentre) that exist out there.  I couldn’t get out of bed as it was so debilitating, no energy to hold my 7 month old baby boy.  Infact, Judah barely knew I existed the first 3 months I was pregnant with Eden.  It tends to get worse with subsequent pregnancies, to the point that we decided that although we’d originally wanted 3 children together (giving us 5 overall), it would be extremely selfish on the children and soul crushing for my body to go through another pregnancy.  Also, now that we have four children, I am happy that we decided not to have anymore.  They are a massive joy, but hard work, and very expensive *winks.*

It can make you extremely depressed so make sure to keep your midwife informed with how you are feeling and gather a great support network around yourself if you are suffering, especially if you have other children.  I was fortunate that my second pregnancy mainly fell in my husband’s long summer break between his 2nd and 3rd year at University.  I don’t think I would’ve been able to cope without a carer had he not been around.  God’s perfect timing maybe?

Here’s praying that the Duchess doesn’t suffer as badly this time around or that they catch it quickly and can minimise the symptoms for her.

Congratulation Kate and Wills


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