Just the 2 of Us – Week Five

Just the 2 of Us – Week Five

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The above photo is eery to me as it looks exactly like my sister Lauren in profile.  It makes me keep looking at it, so much so, I’m trying to remember if she had a coat like this when she was younger because it’s playing tricks with my mind.  Anyway, enough of the freaky trip down memory lane.  Last week before we had to say goodbye to the girls I managed to sneak out with little miss Isis Mae for breakfast on the beach.  It was lovely she chose a little cafe called ‘Coast‘ that is right on the stony beach (you have to walk out quite far to find sand on the beach in Worthing).

Isis decided to start making random things out of the stones that she could find, part of me wanted to say, ‘Oi no, this is supposed to be our time.’  I promptly thought to myself, she is still only 8 years old and praising her creativity is an important part of our time together, so I sat and smiled and reveled in the stone creatures that she made.

dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, just the 2 of us, justus2
this is a person… can you see it?

We chatted about random things, and she found a stone that was great for skipping on the water (you know the ones, the flat ones).  James had been searching for some a few days before and I mentioned this was the sort of stone Daddy had been after.  She kept it in her pocket and presented him with it later, bless her heart.  Isis ordered a bacon sandwich and a children’s hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.

dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, just the 2 of us, justus2
poor Isis captured with her mouth full, can’t take me anywhere

We chatted about some personal things, as Isis is older this tends to be the case really.  Sometimes we go deeper when we have our one to one time.  Isis asks me questions sometimes about the past and I like to be honest with her, and also as tactful as possible.  There will always be two sides to every story and I would never bad mouth her Mum to her, I just tell her what I know are the facts and even all of those she doesn’t need to know.  There may have been a lot of hurt in the past between James and her Mum, but this is all past now and everyone is happy with their respective partners and the children are blessed with two families that love them very much.  This might not be the ideal but it works for now, and we’re happy to re look at it, whatever it may take if the children are at any time starting to show signs of suffering due to our arrangements.

Isis got a call on my mobile from her Nanny, she made me laugh, looking like a little office professional, working in her lunch break at the beach.

dontcallmestepmummy, justus2, just the 2 of us

We tried to have a wander down the beach as there are some cute art shops and designs in the little beach huts opposite this cafe but none of them had really opened at this time.  We were about to go onto the beach to find some more stones, when we remembered that they were being collect in about an hour and we all still needed to do our Ice Bucket Challenge.  So we went back to film these.  Take a look if you get chance, the girls were very brave, they did have ice in their buckets as they had wanted to.

We would normally take the time to do something more together, and I am looking forward to the future cinema trips, bowling, shopping experiences etc. where I get to spend time with each of the children as individuals but on that day, in the short time that we had, I savoured our time together.
What are your favourite things to do with your little treasures?  Is it cafe breakfasts? Spa days? playing football on the beach? Feel free to link up below, grab the badge code and I will be sure to be inspired by your ideas.

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