The Playroom

The Playroom

ball pool, sensory play

So, this morning as James is off on another 2 hour driving lesson I am sat for the first time in a long time in the playroom with the babies.

This is the first time I’ve been in here since Eden is able to carry herself properly. She can sit without toppling over at the slightest imbalance or shoveaccidental knock from Judah. It’s really lovely to see that all the things we bought for Judah are entertaining her already. She loved being sat in the ball pool. She enjoys sitting on the trampoline or holding herself up next to it (just the right height).

Shayla’s nursery graduation cap peeping out from under the trampoline

The only problem is that Judah is at that lovely just turned 2 year old age and that he does not want to share. Everything I try and sit her to do, he wants to do. I am careful about making sure I praise him and his efforts too, as I’m aware part of it is not liking having to share my attention, but when it’s just because he wants what she has it quickly becomes very frustrating.

I’ve been told it’s completely normal for 2 year olds to experience a dislike to sharing their things. Saying that, when I visited my friend Charlotte recently, her little boy Spike who is 6 weeks younger than Judah was constantly sharing his toys (and food) with Eden. What a little sweetheart.

As I sit looking around I realised that I call it the playroom, and it indeed houses all their toys but there is so much more that could be done with it.  There is the odd bit of bunting (but it’s not very bright, would probably work better in the girls room) and some artwork on the wall that I did with the children when Judah was 19 months old.  Eden needs to do one too, or we need to redo it as a family (hmm…. Isis hopping up the stairs with paint on her foot… should I really do this again?).  Either way, the play room needs some serious work.  It would be great if it even just had somewhere for James or I to sit comfortably as we watch them play check facebook or read.

So, the bookshelf is full of our books and storage space is full of our things, as it was the spare room until we put toys in it for Judah’s 2nd birthday.  Therefore, I have started a pinterest board for the playroom with some ideas.  You can follow the board or send me suggestions here.  The first one that I will be definitely putting into action will be the ‘art wall’, I think this is a great idea and will make it somewhere that they want to be.  It is also the thing that keeps them quietest for the longest and makes the least mess, well apart from when Judah starts drawing on the walls (shhh… don’t tell the landlord), those magic erasers are amazing for getting out Judah’s less desirable artwork (Waitrose are selling the Flash version at 2 for £2 at the moment).

I will be posting some before and after pictures once we start this project properly.  Also, I need to get some more input from the children into what they would like.

Please send us some suggestions via pinterest or comment below if you can.  We want this room to be completely about the children, their space and thus my hiding place where I can sit, supervise and enjoy some serenity (I can tune out the noise *winks*).

pringles on a trampoline
enjoying some pringles on his trampoline, as you do
play room
trying to get into one of Shayla’ unopened toys, see all our books on the book shelf *hangs head*

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