The Ordinary Moments #6 – Back to the Routine

The Ordinary Moments #6 – Back to the Routine


Well, the house is messy, the kitchen is a state, James is unwell, I’ve got headaches (detoxing at the moment), dance runs, school runs, working from home, bank balance pretty much zero, we must be back to normal *chuckles.*  It is so crazy sometimes running around after 5 people (I’m including James as until he can drive and with all his recent interviews etc. I’m his chauffeur), I don’t feel like my life is my own.  I don’t say that in a negative way though, I absolutely love my family and would do anything for them, and at the moment the housework isn’t getting me down (yet), if it starts to get more on top of me we’ll see.  Once these detoxing headaches disappear I’m sure I’ll be back with a vengeance.

This upcoming week is so manic, tomorrow we’re up early to take Shayla to her first day at school, I know many of you have school runs, but mine involves the motorway as the girls go to school near their Mum’s home so it makes it a little bit more stressful with all the traffic, and takes a lot longer than when I’ll start walking Judah and Eden to school around the corner.  James has various appointments in the day, Judah has his first baby ballet class, and then I am teaching in the evening followed by attending a fundraising women’s event at church, a car treasure hunt ‘Valley Vroom.’  It’s to raise money for ‘Vision Rescue‘ that helps radically change slum communities in India.

valley vroom

Tuesday is a normal day as far as I’m aware, aside from the fact that there is a meet the teacher day at the school for parents, and a parent association meeting at the school before that, then Isis has a coaching class for her tap exam.  I used to be involved with the PTA at the school before I got pregnant with Eden, but it just became impractical for me to attend as I was just so unwell.  Sometimes I struggle to know where to draw the line with attending everything, it’s hard when there’s four of them.  We have a meeting at church then in the evening for all those who call our church ‘home’.  These tend to be quarterly so not too frequent and really set the direction of where we are heading as a community trying to make a difference.

Wednesday is another meet the teacher day for Key Stage 2 so that will be for Isis, and then I am teaching again, she also has a coaching class for her modern exam that evening, still haven’t worked out how I’m going to juggle my lessons and taking her to that one yet, hmm… will have to see what I can rejig.  Then I have creative night at church, where all the creatives (muso’s, techies, artistic) people gather every other week to learn new songs and practice our skill set.  I love these evenings, I have taken a step back from singing on the platform at the moment just whilst life is hectic but still intend to attend Creative nights, we’ll see how we go.

Thursday I’m teaching, collecting the girls from school, running an after school singing club, then James and I are out for the evening whilst my amazing sister babysits. We’re attending a marriage course which the church are running for all married people who would like to do it, from newlyweds to 30+ years wed there will be a variety there.  I am looking forward to gleaning some wisdom (the course was oversubscribed so we are blessed to have a place).

Friday I am up early as I am doing the hair and make-up of various bridesmaids and a beautiful bride and then we are attending her lovely wedding, so excited.  They’ve invited us as a whole family which is so kind when there are so many of us, so I am very appreciative and looking forward to it as it will be at beautiful Salmesbury Hall.

Saturday after a late night at the wedding will be the early morning dance run again and then Sunday church.  Somewhere in the midst of all that I want to capture some amazing moments with my husband and my children.  I really love the shot above of them messing at the piano, I also have some funny videos of Judah singing away and bashing on the piano.  As he’s two though, they really are songs only a mother could love, although he shows real promise so I will spare you from feeling obliged to watch and restrain from posting them *winks*.

I just love having them all around me, I am grateful for blogging shifting my perspective and also laying down some of my passions (singing on the platform) to remember that at the moment I need to just focus on home, my relationship with my hubby and my relationship with our children.  I thought I would resent laying stuff down but it just made me enjoy what I’m doing with them all the more, as I’m less stressed and trying to juggle that little bit less.

Here are the children together reading, the house is a mess, I’m sorry, we also used a similar photo for our Silent Sunday post this week.

dontcallmestepmummy, children reading 034

I am just so grateful to be able to catch as many lovely moments with them in the madness of routine as I can.  I just love watching their interactions together and this week I have really treasured the cuddles with each of them.  Here’s a couple of snaps of Judah and I messing doing our selfies (I’d not long fed Eden so please excuse the item in the background, was unsure whether to mention or not, mental note, need to get photoshop soon).

image image

So, I guess this is our beautiful ordinary at the moment.  Looking forward, and a little apprehensive to how it will all change once James starts his new job but I tell you this much, it is always an adventure *winks*.

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #6 – Back to the Routine

  1. Wow what a ridiculous busy lady you sound- I have loved the Summer but we have been so busy we are the other way round and are actually slowing down a little come October- I can’t wait to get back into more of a routine! x


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