DIY Sports Bags

DIY Sports Bags

DIY sports bag, dontcallmestepmummy, crafting
the handles are folded under at the top

I saw a post on the Tots100 blog a couple of weeks ago about how to make some PE bags for your littlies.  I was very excited to try this as they looked so good.  So, after collecting the parts that we wanted (fabric swatches, canvas bags) we were able to begin.

If you want to make some too, you will need :

DIY Sports Bag, crafting

  • scissors
  • permanent marker
  • various fabrics
  • canvas bag
  • cotton
  • sewing needle
  • fabric glue
  • buttons

I made Shayla’s knowing that she wouldn’t really be able to join in, but she told me where to sew the buttons.

unsewn buttons waiting for Shayla's approval
unsewn buttons waiting for Shayla’s approval

First thing you need to do is glue some cotton to the bag to make the hanging lines for the bunting.  Just lay one piece diagonally across the canvas and another at the angle you want diagonally back across to the other side.  You can smother the cotton in fabric glue to make sure it stays down.  This is an easy one for children to do as the glue dries clear so it doesn’t look messy when they have a go.

should look like a big sideways V across the bag
should look like a big sideways V across the bag

Then you want to cut out some fabric triangles that can be glued about a millimetre below the cotton lines to make the bunting look.  I had pre-cut these ready for Isis, as cutting cotton with scissors (that aren’t really meant for cutting cotton) can be tricky.

glue the fabric triangles down with the fabric glue
glue the fabric triangles down with the fabric glue

Once this is done and you can see the space that you have left to work with, you can write the child’s name in the middle, or they can write it themselves.  Again, I did Shayla’s for her, not because she can’t write her name but I worried it would be too big or too small, so this time I have done it for her, but Isis did her own and a great job she did too.  Once the name is written, take the same cotton and sew around the letters, leave little gaps in the stitching to make it more childlike and also, I like the raised patterned effect it gives it.

I sewed this for Shayla
I sewed this for Shayla

Then if you would like to add some button detail you can, or you don’t need to.  We just saw the cutest buttons in a shop whilst we were in Worthing that we just had to add them to our bags.

The girls were really proud of their bags and decided to use them for dance.  This was nice as the bag they had before is a beautiful dance bag, but it was bought from the shop below their dance school and since we purchased them, many now have them so it gets confusing sometimes on a Saturday.  Was really helpful to have their things labelled.  Now if I could just get them to put their things back in their bags, we’d be a lot better off *winks*.

Please let us know if you try this, would love to see some pictures.

I love reading all your comments so please feel free to comment below...

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