Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

Shayla-Rae’s First Day EVER at School

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This morning we drove across town for a very special day.  Shayla’s finally started school, she is 5 this weekend so it has felt like a long time coming.  Not that we would want to rush her away, but if I’m honest she would’ve been ready last year.  She was so excited to start, she’s been watching Isis go for the last 4 years and was just so ready.  I think when you have an older sibling it does make you grow up that little bit quicker.  Again, not that I would ever want to wish away or rush her through her childhood but she was ready and raring to go this morning.

Shayla attends nursery when she’s with her Mum and has done for the last 2 years so she is far from a stranger to long days and interacting with large groups of children.  She will be in her element and is really looking forward to spending time drawing, playing, learning.  She is most excited to learn to read, as Isis reads to her a lot at home.  I think she is very excited to start to be able to wander into new worlds with her very vivid imagination.  She often sings and plays to herself and spends a lot of time happy in her own company despite having so many siblings.  She is just such a little cutie who adapts to everything that is thrown at her.

I’m hoping that she gets to discover more who she is without being in the shadow of anyone around her determining who she should be.  She spends all of her time around different people who have different ideas of who her little character is.  Even at nursery she was around Mum, Mum’s partner and then lots of staff members who knew the family well (Emma and Kerry worked at Shayla’s nursery with her).  So, this is Shayla’s first stepping out to see who she is without any preconceptions put on her (other than the fact she is Isis’ sister).

I think it’s hard even having a sibling at the school, especially when your sibling is as tumultuous as Isis.  Isis has developed quite a reputation for herself as a drama queen, someone who runs around screaming when the teachers not doing what she would like.  She plays the ‘daughter of broken home card’ well when it suits her, and has a relationship with the school play therapist.  I am desperately hoping that this is not then transferred by anyone (members of staff, even us family) onto Shayla.  She is definitely her own person and has always proven well adjusted until now, so long may it continue.  Isis, is also very well adjusted but is very, VERY clever and observant, she knows how to play the system fantastically.  Her new teacher is brilliant though and seems to have got to a point where Isis has learnt not to push the boundaries.  Last year was interesting due to many substitute teachers.

Anyway, this post is about Shayla, and how excited we are to see her come into her own.  She was so cute hanging her coat and bag up on her hook, and then going into her class.  Running off to play straight away, she was so, so ready bless her.  I want the world to know who she is and not have her defined by anything or anyone else including myself.  The future begins for our little princess today and I for one can’t wait to see her make her mark on the world.

Shayla's first day 2
with big sister Isis and friend Ellie
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little bro joins the fun

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