Just the 2 of Us – Week Six

Just the 2 of Us – Week Six

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Yesterday was a day of firsts in more ways than one.  The beautiful little miss Shayla-Rae started school for the first time, you can read about it here, and Judah went to his first baby ballet class.

I have replayed the scenario of Judah going to baby ballet over and over and over in my head.  Comments such as ‘boys don’t do ballet’ and more offensive, homophobic comments too made me really think about our decision.  I hate the way society sometimes tells our effeminate teens that they must be ‘gay’ because they like being creative.  OK, this sometimes is the life of our more creative males, but it doesn’t mean that if you’re creative you have to be gay.  I tried to reason out in my head the potential connotations for Judah if he ends up continuing to enjoy ballet and pursue it as he ages.  James and I discussed it and decided we don’t appreciate the potential of people thinking they can speak into and over our child’s life because of a choice we made when he was 2 years old, but we also decided that we’re not going to live in fear of it.

Baby Ballet is designed for pre-schoolers to learn musicality, rhythm, mathematics, the difference between their left and right, balance, discipline and just for them to have a bit of fun whilst learning all of the above.  We decided that as Judah loves dancing and is always jumping around he would start baby ballet, with a view to attending the street dance class as soon as he is old enough.  The only class that is offered at the dance school at this age is baby ballet, and like many footballers who’ve had to learn the skills to improve co-ordination and balance we figured we would go for it and help break the stereotypes.  If more people put their boys in for these classes we would see a change long term in the way people view it.

Anyway, this is about mine and Judah’s day.  James wisely suggested that he have his lunch slightly earlier and a nap so that I didn’t have a tired screaming child when I tried to drop him off, and also Judah would have more of a chance of enjoying it.  When I went into his room to wake him from his nap he was so excited.  I told him that he was going dancing and it was time to get his uniform on.  They can wear whatever they want that is comfortable for the classes but I figured if he ends up doing an exam it’s worth having the uniform.  He has a white leotard and navy shorts.  It looks like a school PE kit apart from the top is obviously more form fitting than a boy would normally wear.  A little different than how we’re used to viewing him but he looked cute.

He had his ‘minion bag’ as he calls it from Despicable Me with his water bottle, and his clothes for when he’d finished stored in it.  The bag is HUGE on his back, it looked so cute, I’ll have to grab a snap of him with it next week as I didn’t manage this time.  James wasn’t feeling the best, recovering from being unwell at the weekend he decided to stay home with Eden (even though he’d really wanted to see him on his first day), he didn’t miss much.

When we had finished parking it was really lovely to walk through the shopping centre just holding his hand.  He hasn’t been in the shopping centre without being in the pram before.  He held my hand and walked through.  My absolute favourite thing about yesterday was the sheer squeal of delight when we took the escalators down instead of the lift.  You would’ve thought he was on ‘The Big One’ (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) he was so excited.  I didn’t realise how to him we were really high up and he’d never been on the moving stairs before.  This is going to be my favourite part in the future weeks too I think…. so cute.

We went to get his feet measured for his black ballet shoes (the girls have pink and the boys have black), he was so excited to have something new.  It made my heart smile to see his happy face, then we went up to the dance class.  They had just started and were sat on the floor warming up.  Judah was having none of it as this was very unfamiliar set up for him.  I remembered that when Shayla went for the first time at the same age, she waltzed in and never looked back, but Shayla had been watching Isis eagerly at the door for about a year before she first attended.  She had wanted to get on the other side of that door for a long time.

Judah had always been kept away from the dance run, whether at home or sat in Costa Coffee whilst Daddy or I ran the girls up to their classes, as maneuvering a pram around there and then carrying babies up the stairs when there are 40 children (at least) and their parents switching classes in a tiny corridor is just a nightmare.  He sat at the side with me and did the little trick that he does at the playground when the girls aren’t around.  He shuffled closer to what they were doing and then would back away, he kept edging closer in throughout the lesson but then would back off and snuggle back into me.  He was dying to get involved, by the end he was smiling and conversing with the teacher who was brilliant with him.  I kept whispering in his ears that if he was brave and joined in then the nice lady would give him a sticker and I would treat him to a McDonald’s but he was still having none of it.

Once the lesson finished he had a run around the studio replicating some of the things that he had seen.  Also, whilst I chatted to the receptionist about Isis’ coaching classes he played in the changing rooms with the young lady who helped the teacher run the class.  We discussed how she would be around whilst I take Isis to coaching classes and that I would bring Judah along today and tomorrow so that he could see the building again and that next week, now that he knew the teachers were not scary, I was going to put him in the class and run away to the changing rooms to hope that he would just join in without my being there.

He starts swimming lessons today also, and I’m looking forward to just having these moments of quality time with my little boy who doesn’t get much one on one time with Mummy really.  We will see how it goes with the ballet, I’m sure he will love it but if it isn’t working for him, we certainly won’t be forcing it.  He’s the child who knows all the dances to the songs they do at kids church on Sundays so I expect it won’t take him long to get into the swing of things.

Excited for this regular one on one time with my little boy who is growing up very quickly.  He is my handsome prince and I hope to get more photos next time, difficult when he was mainly clinging to me or too close to the other little children who I didn’t have permission to photograph.
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