The Ordinary Moments #7 – Weddings

The Ordinary Moments #7 – Weddings

the ordinary moments, dontcallmestepmummy
‘I announce you husband and wife’

We attended a wedding on Friday of a lovely young couple from church.  I was honoured to do the brides and bridesmaids hair and they were kind enough to invite all six of us to the whole day.  This doesn’t happen often for us as there are so many of us, especially when they are not close family members but it was so lovely to be a part of their wedding day and to have all of the children there.  The children looked so cute all sat on this log, I braved the lawn in my heels to go and take a closer picture and I realised that they were reenacting the wedding… ‘I announce you husband and wife’ is what Isis was saying in the picture above.  I explained that it was very cute and unfortunately illegal for Judah and Shayla to get married but they all looked lovely.

It was so nice to be all together on such a special day.  Tiring to be constantly making sure that they’re all ok, not terrorising  someone, or doing anything inappropriate (destroying floral arrangements etc) but just so precious to have had them all with us.  The children sat on their own children’s table, which was the sweetest idea, and worked mostly (in theory), there were only really a couple of times that we needed to get a child out from under a table.

children at weddings, dontcallmestepmummy
very civilised

Of course we had Eden sat with us, aside from needing to chop up Judah’s food, the children were very grown up about sitting at their own table whilst food was being served.  They got up to a bit of mischief before dessert was served, but as soon as they’d seen desserts starting to be handed out at the top table they were all sat neatly back in their seats.  Funny how children know, they don’t miss a thing.

dontcallmestepmummy, children at weddings
just tall enough to see over the table

I was so exhausted after the early start to style the wedding party’s hair, but wanted to stay for the evening to see the children enjoy the disco, and they really did.  I enjoyed seeing them all dancing and laughing, playing with all their friends, James and I sat at a table trying to sort out the babies, Judah was passed out on me and Eden was asleep in her car seat.  Eden wasn’t feeling very well and had to have several nappy changes in a short time, I wasn’t dressed to feed her for comfort (she’d had plenty of other things to drink) so at about 9pm we figured we had enjoyed a wonderful day and needed to get them all home.

I know a wedding is an ‘extra-ordinary’ day for the couple but as we go through life they are a joyous but ordinary part of society.  I was pleased to be able to share this day with the children and wanted to remember it too.  Below are some pics from the day …

the butterfields

come on vogue
come on vogue

photo 2 (2) photo 3 photo 4

6 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #7 – Weddings

  1. Ah it sounds like you had a lovely day and a gorgeous photo of everyone dressed up. The brides hair looks lovely as well. We have been to a couple of weddings recently and as my girls are so little we only stay a little while in the evening, but I do love to see them dancing, it’s so cute! x


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