Just the 2 of Us – Week Seven

Just the 2 of Us – Week Seven

swimming with babies
awful capture on James’ iPhone 4 whilst zooming in

Last week, Judah and Eden started swimming lessons.  This will be a regular Tuesday occurrence  Judah goes in first for an hour and Eden follows on the hour after.  This is a task I cannot accomplish on my own as someone needs to watch the other child whilst I am in the pool, I have really appreciated James being at home (still waiting for his DBS to come through for him to start work) so that we can start these routines.  Part of me is dreading him starting work as life will then be very different, but my Mum and my sister have already volunteered to help assist in Tuesday’s madness of my going to work in the morning and then the swimming lessons that follow.

Anyway, back to the swimming… it is so lovely to be able to have the quality one on one time with each of them in the pool.  Learning to swim is something that requires trust and security in the person who is holding you in the water, and although at only 10 months Eden of course has grasped this quicker, Judah (who likes to be in control) is learning to trust me.

I remember this fondly with Shayla when she was younger, she would be so secure in my arms, she caught on to swimming so quickly because she knew that I was there when she needed me.  Judah (who doesn’t even like to go on the swing as he wants to be the one to control how he moves) is slowly getting to the place of trust.  When he was younger he had no problems with anything, he trusted us implicitly.  He is now at the age of questioning everything and I was very impressed when he allowed myself and the swimming instructor at alternate times to assist him jumping into the pool.

Eden literally took to swimming like a duck to water, the instructor couldn’t believe that she’d not even been swimming before (well aside from 10 minutes in a hotel pool that was too cold back in March).  She kept referring to her as a water baby.  Also, with Eden though it is misleading as she only looks about 3 months old in size but is exactly where she should be, if not slightly ahead, as a 10 month old.  They’ve both been twice now and loved it.  Judah always seems a bit nervous at first and isn’t quite trying to maneuver himself in the water but NEVER wants to get out, and Eden just loves the lesson, and is ready to get out after an hour as she starts to get chilly then.

I am so proud of them and am really loving this quality time, I almost don’t want Judah to get independent enough to do a Stage 1 class without me, but obviously, even if I wanted to he would never be held back by me *smiles*.  For now though, this is our time.  Just Judah and I, followed by just Eden and I.  Judah also gets to go on the park for some quality time with Daddy once his lesson is finished and has been enjoying that.

Below are some snaps that Daddy captured for me of their time together munching ice-creams.

photo 1 (4) photo 4 (2)
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