Happy 10 Months Eden

Happy 10 Months Eden

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Happy 10 months Eden

So, 9 days ago in the midst of madness our ‘Thumbelina’ became 10 months old.  Only when at a wedding the day after being asked how old she was and giving my ‘9 months’ answer, did I realise… the day before had changed this fact.  Oops, we had missed her milestone in the midst of the chaos.  I have been wanting to post about our teeny tiny princess all week but life has just been too hectic.  Sitting here in the aftermath of Shayla’s birthday party am I finally free to write this post.

Eden has come on leaps and bounds this month, after just finally mastering crawling last month, she is now pulling herself up to stand against the sofa, cruising around the furniture, rapidly getting around our open plan downstairs (dining room/kitchen/living area) and it scares me.  All of a sudden, I realise that I am not going to have one toddler but two on my hands.  I certainly will be kept busy making sure that inappropriate things are out of reach, that they play together without potentially harming each other, and continually chasing the pair of them around the home.  As daunted as I am though, I am also really excited.  It’s really scary watching your last baby grow up, knowing that it marks the end of an era but it’s also lovely knowing that there will be an end to nappies and sleepless nights (until they become adolescents and start going out in the evenings)… eventually.

pulling up to stand, milestones, 10 months old, baby, standing
so happy and proud of herself, propped against one of many birthday deliveries

I am currently trying to work out how people go about weaning babies out of breastfeeding.  Eden will take a bottle but I still want her to have my milk until she’s 1 year old.  I am trying to prepare myself emotionally for this change, also the practicality of it.  I will be sad when this phase is over but also it will be a bit more freeing for her to be able to go and stay at Nana’s occasionally when Judah goes.  With Judah, because I was so unwell pregnant with Eden he just stopped feeding from me at around this age.  At 10 months old he realised it was easier to get milk from the bottle and used me as a chew toy.  Well, whilst suffering with hyperemesis gravidarum and being mostly bed bound, I wasn’t up for this much, but then cried like… well, a hormonal pregnant person when he stopped feeding from me because I felt rejected.  So, you could say that I’ve not experienced successful weaning before.

If anyone could send me some links to some tips, I want to do this not because I’m OCD and that’s when I said I would finish, I honestly think because she is so small and still has no teeth I would just carry on forever if I didn’t plan it though, but I am unwell and in need of medication that I just can’t take whilst I’m feeding my princess.  I made a choice that I would bare with the dreaded ‘monthlies’ until she was one and then make sure I was fighting fit all month around, especially as by then, they’ll both be able to run rings around me if I need a couple of days bed rest.  It just won’t be practical at all.

With Shayla’s birthday party out of the way and Eden’s 1st birthday looming, I am aware I need to start planning.  We are thinking of combining her Dedication (similar to a Christening but more about her making a choice when she’s older) with her first birthday so it will be more than just a few people at home.  I was too daunted back in May when this was supposed to have originally taken place, anxiety’s were extremely high, but there was also a death in our church family the eve before what would have been her dedication and we knew it was right that we had moved it.  It would’ve been a truly sombre day if we had gone ahead (God knows everything).

Wish me luck with all the planning *smiles*.

Happy 10 months Eden xx we love you and we’re proud of you

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