The Baby Diaries – Judah – Week Twenty-Two to Twenty-Six (preparing for our wedding)

Baby Diaries

 The Baby Diaries – Judah – Week Twenty-Two to Twenty-Six (preparing for our wedding)
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In the run up to our wedding, the plumbing was obliterated in James’ house.  This is where we had been living since the August previously, it had been his marital home a couple of years prior to us meeting and there were many negative memories there for him.  I had loved being allowed into someone’s home to make it ‘ours,’ James had allowed me in to every area of his life so easily.  I forget sometimes how amazing that was considering both of our pasts, and how well we merged together in the early days.
Being pregnant, unable to afford to fix the plumbing due to an impending wedding, I think it’s fair to say I had a few hormonal melt downs.  I can remember sitting on the bed in my parents guest bedroom crying and telling James that it wasn’t what I’d signed up for.  We were going to be starting married life with an expected baby and practically homeless.  We paid for the plumbing to be fixed temporarily but the problem was much deeper, they needed to dig up all the back garden and it just wasn’t in our budget at that time.  James had been wanting to sell the property and be done with it for a while but I wanted us to pull it back out of negative equity (consequence of his previous marriage split and the poor market) before we let it go.  We ended up letting it go but that’s another story, at the time we were just trying to stay other places whilst we saved up to sort out the plumbing.
I enjoyed staying at my Mum’s for this season, and other friends homes (something arranged through church) although it was difficult James, pregnant I and two little girls all trying to share a room and even a bed for some nights.  Life was certainly interesting back then we never knew what would come.  I was still being sick but nowhere near as often, it was starting to wear off and become less.
Stress levels were certainly high and I was trying not to let it impact on our little man growing inside me.  We worked hard to stay happy in that season as it should’ve been one of the greatest season’s of our lives.  Finances can be a huge worry for many people, just to encourage anyone who may feel buried in finance things at this point, speak to someone like CAP Money or other debt advisors.
Finding funds for photographers and all the last things to be paid was certainly interesting.  Week Twenty-Six James got some criminal damage compensation that helped pay off the last of the wedding things from when someone had broken his eye socket before I even met him.  Perfect timing eh?
It’s safe to say that despite everything we were still so excited for our precious arrival a few months later and were just trying our best to get everything perfect.  I was desperately wanting to nest but no idea where we were going to end up.  I had however created ‘baby corner’ in our bedroom ready, even though it never was used in the end…


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