The Ordinary Moments #8 – Birthday Parties

The Ordinary Moments #8 – Birthday Parties

fifth birthday, dontcallmestepmummy, birthday party
someone else wanted to have a turn blowing out candles

Yes, I know, sometimes I’m quite liberal with the term ‘ordinary moments’ but in our home we have 6 birthdays a year.  Four are children’s birthdays that require a party and although they are extraordinary for our little one, they seem to come and go way too quickly for my liking.  It’s the early hours of the morning following Shayla’s birthday party day and I’m already planning Eden’s first birthday in my head.  I will start formal planning and invites soon *yawn*.  These are such special moments but as a sufferer of anxiety attacks since having Eden, they do require, and take, a lot out of me.

cake making, dontcallmestepmummy, fifth birthday
at 7am I was busy icing cakes

Making and hanging bunting, putting out photographs of the birthday child, cupcakes, party food, balloons, banners, bouncy castle hire, pass the parcel, party bags, all these things that I’m sure by the time they’re all 18 I could run a party planning company doing.  I just love how much they enjoy their parties and it is usually their main birthday present.  We are fortunate to live in a country where even though we’re apparently ‘poor’ because we live around the social poverty line our children want for nothing.  They have enough clothes and toys coming out of their ears, so we never particularly buy anything major, but make sure they have great memories instead.  Nanny and Grandad tend to help towards the girls dance lessons when it’s their birthday’s or Judah gets some clothes as he’s ever growing, but we tend not to do toys.  They get these from people who attend, family and friends.  The occasional scooter/bike etc sort of purchase tends to be at Christmas but again we only really get them one thing (and stocking fillers) as they get so much from everybody else.

I always feel overwhelmed when they get lots of presents as we sponsor children through Compassion (one in Brazil and one in Uganda).  For about 1/6th of what we spent on Shayla’s birthday party our Ugandan child bought dresses for her, her mum, a goat, some chickens, grain, some shoes…. certainly put’s things into perspective.

bouncy castle, princess party, dontcallmestepmummy
Judah and Eden checking the bouncy castle before the party people arrived

We had so much food as I had bought and made lots, then my mum brought lots of cake, James’ parents purchased extra nibbles, my Nan turned up with more cupcakes.  We have plenty of leftovers for them to take to kids church this morning.

dontcallmestepmummy, birthday party food, party food
just some of the party food

They all had such a great time, lots of babies came (obviously with their parents) from church.  It was really nice to catch a glimpse into who may be at Eden’s future parties.  Most of the babies were also demonstrating to Eden (who hates it) how to work the jumperoo.  She just doesn’t weigh enough for it to touch the floor, and so she gets frustrated.

baby Alexandra, my name sake with little red hair, I call her my mini me, although really she’s her mummy’s mini me
baby David has one at home, he knew exactly what to do

Shayla had opted for a princess theme (again), and this year she was Cinderella, Isis was Aurora, Judah was a pirate (Shayla’s choice) and Eden had a beautiful princess dress.  I always just wish they’ll choose a princess whose costume they already own, but no, of course it’s always a different one.  They have so many dress up outfits now, we are starting a dress-up corner in the playroom.

fairy wings, princess party, fifth birthday, dontcallmestepmummy
Isis won some fairy wings in ‘pass the parcel’
baby led weaning, princess party, baby princess
Eden munching a cheese roll
princess party, fifth birthday, Cinderella
Princess Shayla with one of her presents on her head (and a misaligned cape *winks*)
pirate, dontcallmestepmummy
my pirate prince

I had decorated with simple pictures of Shayla as a child and made my own bunting too, bespoke with Shayla’s name on it… I figured she could hang it above her bed after the party.

bespoke bunting, picture line, pegs
Shayla bunting under her pictures

I loved having the photo lines with Shayla pictures pegged to it all over the home.  One friend thought they were a permanent feature…. brain ticks over whether I could justify it… would need to be pictures of the whole family and secured with more than just cellotape though *winks*.  The same friend was captured wearing a tiara with my husband, so funny.

men in tiaras
James and Jonny : beautiful princesses

I really enjoyed doing the party at home.  We tend to hire a venue usually but it worked so well and was a very relaxed atmosphere, and if I felt like that, then that’s saying something.  I think this may be something we do more often, especially for the smaller parties.  So, birthday parties may not be your ordinary but for us there is one every couple of months.  Join in with Katie at ‘Mummy Daddy Me’  by clicking on the badge below.

15 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #8 – Birthday Parties

  1. Looks like a great party, you’ve done a great job! So cool to have a bouncy castle too!! Love that you can now have a dressing up box because of all the birthday costumes that’s really good fun!!
    Amazing what you say about sponsoring a child, it’s good to have prices and figures with things like that to put spending into perspective. Sounds like you’ve got a good balance though and don’t go overboard on “stuff”. It’s the memories that really matter as you say!!


    1. Totally. Thank you for such a lovely comment. Yes, will put some pics up when they’re dressing up rail is in the playroom. Tried not to spend too much this time but it certainly all adds up even when you think you’re way hun the pennies 🙂


    1. yes, I remember when I first got married sitting talking to my sister and grieving all the happy times we had just bumbling around, and then saying to her… but we’ll get to watch it all over again with our little ones…


    1. it’s so true, we did buy her a cuddly pink unicorn teddy though, as she kept asking for a unicorn for her birthday haha. inexpensive and simple is usually the way with children. Her favourite present last christmas was ‘the doll with red hair’ she had asked for that I’d found in the pound shop. xx


  2. Really interesting to hear about you sponsoring a child Alexandra, what a lovely thing to do. Parties are expensive aren’t they? We did a joint one for my two this year, but I don’t know if we will have one every year- although I bet when they are at school we will have too if everyone else does. You look like you organise fab parties! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you, I try my best. Yes we sponsor two, it’s lovely, we write to them etc, Isis used to write but she once wrote something so ungrateful I figured I would wait until she’s a bit older and more mature. Our Ugandan one is called ‘Gift’ she was born on Christmas Day, so lovely. Joint one’s are a great idea, ours are all about 3 months apart so can’t quite get away with that, but definitely going to do Eden’s Dedication and First Birthday as a joint do xx


  3. That looks like a lovely party, all wall to wall smiles! We’ve done first birthday parties for our girls but nothing major since – I think I’ll wait until the school years until I enter the fray!


    1. Yes, Shayla only ever had them at home until this her first ‘school days’ party, we had meant to hire a venue but with her not quite making enough friends yet we went for at home. I really liked hosting here and may do it more often 🙂 xxx but yes, put it off as long as possible 😉


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