Just the 2 of Us – Week Eight

Just the 2 of Us – Week Eight

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poorly Judah

The other night Judah awoke us in a terrible state.  It was the night of Shayla’s birthday party and we’d been asleep for about 2 and a half hours when a little boy snuck into our room in tears.  James went to cuddle him and realised he was covered in something…. James hoped it was tears, unfortunately he was wrong.  Judah was absolutely covered all over him face, the back of his head, all over his body, in a concoction of phlegmy vomit and a runny bum.  It was disgusting, I wished I was a better Mum as James turned the light on and Judah reached out to me for a cuddle *yak* I just couldn’t hold him without contributing some vomit myself *ew*.  James picked him up delicately by his sides and took him to the shower.

James deals with these bodily functions a lot better than I do.  I seem to have a weak stomach for these situations, it seems to have gotten weaker as well since having hyperemesis through both pregnancies.  I deal with all the blood, needles, injections etc.  James doesn’t deal well with that, as all the waiting room heard when we last took Eden to the paediatric unit for some blood tests.  I used to be a dental nurse so I cope better in those situations than he does.

Once Judah was clean, he spent some time hugging the toilet and being sick some more, which was horrible to see, not because of the sick, but because this was the first time we’d ever seen his frail little body in this state and dealing with it himself.  Both James and I nearly cried.  I then took Judah downstairs as he was wide awake but also needed to keep being sick and also going on the potty frequently.  He needed observing and assisting in his little time of need so I stayed up with him.  So from 1:30am (he’d woken us about 12:45am) until 7:30am we were downstairs together.

Obviously, for this post I would normally take lots of photos of my quality time with my little people but this wasn’t really appropriate.  However, as exhausted as I was, I really enjoyed just being able to be with my monkey prince, meeting his needs as best I could.

We watched ‘Dungeons & Dragons’, his current infatuation, for about 2 hours, then he decided he wanted to watch ‘Cats’ which is not the Broadway musical, but in fact ‘Puss in Boots’ this we watched twice through.  I kept him hydrated, stroked his little head and cleaned his little face (and bum) after each little incident.  He kept asking for food, but I wasn’t sure at that stage what we were dealing with so I explained to him that he couldn’t have food as he had a ‘poorly tummy’.  He understood, poor little man.  I gave him some flat lemonade leftover from the party (as advised by a dentist that I used to work for, she always said it was the only acceptable time to drink fizzy pop as it settles tummies and provides some energy) and sang many songs to him.

After a few hours he stopped being sick, and we were able to just snuggle up properly without needing to break for him to bury his head over a bowl.  I just held him and sang his requests which include ‘Jesus loves me’ (think Whitney on The Bodyguard), ‘Peppa Pig theme tune’, numerous songs this sing in Kids Church and ‘twinkle, twinkle’.  Around 5:30 he finally fell asleep which is when I snapped the above photo.  I was too tired to carry him up to bed, so I laid him on the big sofa (on top of a towel I didn’t mind getting ruined of course) and covered him over with some blankets.  I tried to get comfortable on the 2 seater, not as easy but then after watching Judah for a short while managed to catch a small nap.  Drifting in and out of consciousness until at 7:30 I noticed his little body had moved from his sofa and he had gone back upstairs.

I wondered if he’d gone up to wake the girls and start playing, or if he’d heard them awake and gone to join them, but I found him asleep in bed next to Daddy.  I crawled in too and decided I would rest, 2 and a half hours sleep after a late night before party prepping (I’d been up till 3 baking cakes) was just not enough, and unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to go to church that day.  This always makes me sad, but I needed to make sure that I could function and be useful for my family the rest of the week and without much opportunity for rest, in the ensuing days I opted for sleep.

As upsetting and tiring as this whole time was, it was lovely to find some stillness and opportunity to just be with my baby boy for such a long time.  This is an opportunity we don’t get often, although, I can’t say it’s one I will be willing to reoccur anytime soon *winks*.
Have you had some quality time with one of your littlies this week?  Feel free to link up below and grab the badge code if you’d like to display it with your post.

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