Just the 2 of Us – Week Nine

Just the 2 of Us – Week Nine

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This week we’re late posting late as we were all so unwell the past couple of weeks that stealing away any time just wasn’t possible.  We were all cooped up apart from a little walk around the Woodlands opposite our home that we chose as the set for our Siblings shoot this month.  Stolen moments with the princess is all that I have been able to manage this week.

Yesterday, Isis had an ‘eco council’ meeting with school, a child from each class was voted to represent their class and attend meetings to determine how to improve the carbon footprint from the children in the school.  Shayla and I will be using this time to hang out, the babies were asleep in the car after a busy day but I didn’t have my bank card with me so I wasn’t able to buy her a drink or anything so we just sat in the car and she read her school book to me.

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James and I had tried various different reading books, flash cards, sticker books to help Shayla to read before she went to school but she just wasn’t interested in the actual words.  She is very easily distracted and just wanted to look at pictures and enjoyed us reading to her.  She enjoyed writing and would copy letters and learn to write that way, but phonetics was just not on her radar.  I was getting to a point where I was thinking ‘should we be concerned?’ but then it was close to her starting school.  She was mostly excited about learning to read when she started school so we thought we’d see how it went.  She told us about how much she was excited to learn to read in her 5th birthday Vlog found here.

Since starting school Shayla has just taken to reading like a duck to water.  She now is reading fantastically, spelling out the phonetics and blending very easily.  It has shown me in just these few short weeks that she is a VERY quick learner and all the concerns have gone out of the window.  She adores school and is such a blessing to the teachers, often coming home telling us about various stickers, certificates and awards she’s won that day.  I am so thrilled as we were worried how she would get on as school is definitely not Isis’ favourite place.  I wrote about that on Shayla’s first day at school.  Again, Shayla has blown any concerns out of the water and is being a dream child and pupil.  She is such a delight to everyone who meets her.

I enjoy listening to Shayla read, as a teacher of children (I am a vocal coach), I am VERY familiar with working with children that want to learn and those that don’t.  Shayla definitely fits into the former category and must be amazingly easy for her teacher to work with.  After Shayla had finished her book we just chatted about various things.  I love her little random chats about the things she likes and the ideas that she has.

dontcallmestepmummy, Krispy Kreme, blended family, step mum, just the 2 of us, justus2, mummy and daughter time

messy children, donut eaters, donut lovers, dontcallmestepmummy, Krispy Kreme, blended family, step mum, just the 2 of us, justus2, mummy and daughter time
the aftermath at ‘Krispy Kreme’

Shayla and I had a quick sneaky trip to Krispy Kreme whilst Isis was in her dance class this morning.  Shayla gets a 45 minute break before she goes back for her modern class so I took her for a donut and a ‘mango cooler’ drink.  She loved her drink and made it last long after dance class, sharing it with Isis and Judah when we arrived home too.  The donut definitely did not last as long, devoured in minutes and the evidence left all over her face.  We will be changing how we do the dance run soon as Isis’ timetable will dramatically change once she’s finished these upcoming exams.  Most of our day will be spent in and around the dance school so with Daddy now only really having Saturday’s with the girls we will be going as a family to town and making it a family day in and around town.  Not the cheapest way to do things but as it warms up we’ll be able to munch a picnic in the park as opposed to having to eat out.  Also, we can take sandwiches for them to munch in the changing rooms in between classes but doesn’t make it as much like ‘family time’ that way.  We’ll have to see how it goes.
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