Harvest Time

Harvest Time

I love this time of year when the leaves all turn beautiful shades.  James calls this my season because of my red hair, he often tells me how the season reminds him of me.  I just love all the different colours and shades that things go through as they disappear for the winter.  Harvest time is such a lovely time.  I have never understood why schools make such a big deal about it when the rest of the world seems to just keep passing by without even really being aware (unless you’re a farmer), but it is such a lovely thing that they come back to each year and it is so important for the children to understand.

I often talk to them about how blessed we are to live in this country, usually when it’s raining and we’re not so happy that it’ raining… we remember that it is a blessing to have rain and that it helps things grow.  We chat about the people who live in countries where they hardly see rain, and they struggle with their crops and many go hungry and thirst for water.  Looking back at our youtube videos as I try and tidy up our youtube channel I am so happy that we were able to pay for a water filter for a village as a family so that many could have clean water.  We did this as the fruit of our Ice Bucket Challenges together with my wonderful mother-in-law, you can find our videos here.

The Harvest assembly they did this year was taken by Isis’ class – Year 4.  It really drove home this message and spoke a lot about the need in other countries.  I was very happy with her performance, she gave it her all.  She stood out as usual as she had the main role and sang a solo but we would be just as proud if that wasn’t the case.  I couldn’t take any photos as I hadn’t asked permission of the school but I managed to grab a selfie of us afterwards.

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Isis wrote about the assembly for me as she wants to start contributing to the blog :

‘I did a harvest assembly at school it was called ‘Harvest Hope’, I was the main part in the production, I was a boy called Jack.

I had to sing a song called ‘the cheese song’ I sang one full verse on my own and then everyone else joined in with me .
It was fun but at first it was a bit scary but it was actually ok i tried my best though.

Mummy , Judah , Eden came to watch.  Shayla was already waching because she was in school too but not in the same class as me.

She is in reception and I’m in year 4.  Shayla just 4 more years to go!
Finally it was finished and over with .
It was a fun show but could have been just a little bit longer.
The music backing tracks were lost so we had to sing without any backing tracks.  I did not know all the words without a backing track or music to listen to but i tried.
I had lots and lots and lots of fun.
It was a very good play and I enjoyed it.’

I love how she talks about how much she enjoyed it but was so glad that it was over with.  Think that’s the nerves talking.  They made her repeat her little solo at the end whilst the children all stood up to go out to their classes.  I’m so glad that Eden was well enough for us to be able to attend.  I’ve always been able to make Isis’ assemblies and plays and wouldn’t miss them for anything.  We are so blessed to have such delightful, entertaining children.  Judah did well through the assembly too, I only had to bribe him with packets of raisins but hey, if it works?  What else can you do with a toddler and a baby in an environment where they need to sit still?  No… seriously, if you know any tricks let me know (winks).

The school had collected lots of food in and were going to give it to the local food banks, soup kitchens etc.  it’s good that they make the children aware that this happens on our doorstep too as well as in other countries.

I love this time of year and will always look forward to a little bit of ‘Harvest Hope’.

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