Our Love Story – Part Two – trivial pursuit

our love story

Our Love Story – Part Two – trivial pursuit

So if you’ve read Part One of ‘Our Love Story’ you will know that James and I stumbled across each other online.  I was terrified and didn’t feel ready for a relationship at all and disappeared from my online profile hoping that was the end of it.

As I mentioned in part one we had a skype conversation so James knew my full name.  He tracked me down on facebook.  I got many friend requests that I kept declining haha.  I was ignorant (mostly petrified) and James was persistent.  At one point he decided to inbox me and tell me he had some clothes from his children that they didn’t need anymore if I wanted to take them with me to Romania.  I know, you’re confused, I haven’t mentioned Romania before….

I was going to Romania at the end of May as part of a team to work with ‘Romanian Relief’ this is a charity that works with orphaned (mainly via abandonment) children that are usually too physically harmed or disabled that no-one will foster or adopt them.  The system decides are beyond hope.  Sarah who runs the charity decided that no-one was beyond hope and set up her own children’s home that pays carers to live with, work with these children who would otherwise be left in hospital for most of their lives.  We were going to build a playground at the care home for the children.  We were going to gut out the gardens and create a landscaped playpark.  It was amazing, such a valuable experience, but anyway, I digress.  (Below are some photos from the Romania trip though, whilst I’m on the topic)

romania five
the finished play park at the back of the house
romania four
me and Lois one of the foster carers children
romania one
a little decorative touch inbetween two of the homes
romania three
showing girls aren’t afraid to get stuck in
romania two
using my weight to my full advantage, breaking up the ground was hard
romania six
gorgeous cheeky Viorel who didn’t let his development stop him from achieving anything

Somehow, in our Skype conversation this had come up, so James had remembered.  Very clever of him.  I decided that he must not be a strange stalker interested in me, as he is telling me about his children and offering some clothes to charity.  I was just being mean I decided and finally replied to his message saying that it was very kind of him to offer and I would collect the clothes at some point, or send someone else to do this.  I then finally accepted his friend request.

That was it then, he would comment every so often, I may comment on his posts, but I could see that he was a bit of a player and usually off on nights out, or with his children.  Sometimes he would be tagging other girls with smiley faces in his posts so I assumed that he was with someone.  He never stopped pursuing me though in small ways.  I can’t remember when we ended up exchanging phone numbers, but I remember him tormenting me when I was applying for jobs.  He told me he would come in whilst I was on a trial shift at a sandwich shop and request the most complicated sandwich he could think of.  He ended up being the person I called when I didn’t get the job and had a good old whinge down the phone to him.  I can’t remember how we got to that point, but I’m glad that we did.  I was still way too scared to meet up with him though.  He was still a random person I had met on the internet, but we were starting to form a friendship even if only online.  I was happy with it staying that way….

stay tuned for Part Three – we meet in person…

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