The Ordinary Moments #10 – Being a Dance Mom

The Ordinary Moments #10 – Being a Dance Mom

This week like most weeks has been full of ‘dance’ for various reasons.  Especially this week as Isis missed her coaching class due to Eden being unwell and me not being able to take her.  This is always hard to swallow, financially and because she needs these classes to pass her exams.  I made a point of practicing with her morning and night the days that we’ve had her this week as I don’t want her to fail.  She has worked hard for a few years to get to this point and I don’t want her to fail to progress because the baby was unwell and no-one else would take her.

At the moment the girls do three classes a week each on a Saturday (ballet, tap and jazz/modern).  Isis has two exams coming up so she has coaching classes for tap and jazz/modern on a Tuesday and a Wednesday.  I am also at the dance school on a Monday with Judah for his baby ballet lesson although he has been unwell the last 2 weeks so we were unable to attend.  We’ll be back this week.

Sometimes I feel like I live at the dance school.  Isis has a ballet exam just before Christmas so after half term she will still have a coaching class on a Tuesday.  Also, Shayla is ready to do her pre-primary ballet exam, she missed out this time due to her age but will be entered in the new year.  It just starts to get a bit crazy.  I have no problem with running them around but as we’re a blended family this also encroaches on the time where they are supposed to be with Mum.  Mum doesn’t mind which is great as she knows it’s important that they do their exams.  It’s great for their development, their National Record of Achievement, and once they get up to Grade 3 they start to count as NVQ’s and then UCAS points.

This week I spent Tuesday night watching Isis and taking mental notes as I had a baby on each knee in her tap coaching class.  Wednesday, Eden was far too unwell to take out of the house so I wasn’t able to take Isis and James just wasn’t able to get home in time for me to able to leave the babies with him.  It gets hard when I want Isis to do well, but as much as I can sacrifice my own health at times to make sure the children are where they need to be (I couldn’t tell you how many assemblies, plays, dance classes I’ve been at severely unwell, on crutches, etc.), but I just couldn’t justify dragging the baby out that unwell, not to mention it would be unfair on other people as we all seemed to have this bug for the last 2 weeks.  If I’d taken the baby out she could’ve passed the bug on further which isn’t ideal for anyone.  I always feel guilty, like I’m letting them down when things like this happen, but there just wasn’t anything that I could do.

So, to make up for it, the house has just been full of dancing all week.  They have made me laugh so much.  Isis has mastered practicing in our limited space with many children and toys as obstacles.  Judah and Shayla love running around and mimicking her.  I think all this practice and attending coaching classes will have made it easier for me to take Judah again on Monday as he is VERY used to the dance school and the way lessons work now.

One thing I love about the house being filled with music and dance is, the house is filled with JOY!!  It has been so lovely to have them all enjoying themselves.  Yes, this preparation for an exam for Isis, but it is for something that she loves.  The other children experience that too and even though it has been a hard first week with James starting work and unwell babies this has been something that has brightened our days.  I’m not sure it’s something I would encourage when there aren’t exams to prepare for as we spend enough time dancing and there are other things we can do with our time.  I miss just playing with them at the moment.  It has been great though and they are such a pleasure to be around.  Although Daddy isn’t here, I know that he’s with us in spirit as all these little monkey’s are so much like him (smiles).


7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #10 – Being a Dance Mom

  1. Wow it sounds like they do so well with their dancing and how lovely to have such an important hobby in their lives- I really want Mads to start gymnastics but we are on the wait list, she just loves it and I know she would thrive on it. Love your new header too.x


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