Just the 2 of Us – Week Ten

Just the 2 of Us – Week Ten

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ladies choice – Isis loves Krispy Kreme

So this week life was so crazy I really struggled to find time with the children on their own.  I take Isis to her dance coaching classes but on a Tuesday I have Judah and Eden with me and on a Wednesday well, I guess there are always people around.  That is the closest I could think to just the 2 of us earlier in the week.  I have realised that now life is a bit more hectic for me and I don’t have much relief from children, it’s harder to get quality one on one time with any of them, as usually it is me with all of them.  I am getting more creative though in my planning and thinking about when I can snatch these moments and make them part of our natural routine.

Dropping the girls back to their Mums after church I realised that if I wanted that could be when I take Judah for some little one on one time, even if it’s just a walk around the park, a drink, going to do a food shop (he loves the supermarket).  If I make sure that the focus is them enjoying the time and not the other task then maybe those things could work.  Just have to be purposeful about it.

So I have Isis on her own on a Saturday morning when Shayla goes into her first class.  We had 45 minutes so I asked Isis what she would like to do, explained this was our ‘Just the 2 of Us’ time and we were going to try and chat.  She decided she’d like to go to Krispy Kreme’s.  Probably because I took Shayla-Rae last week *chuckles*.  Isis is a little chocolate fiend and had a chocolate themed donut and a chocolate milkshake.

We talked about how she is at the moment.  I explained how life was hectic for me as I run her around a lot to various clubs and dance classes, so I knew that she was very busy too.  I asked her how she was finding it?  She’s so cute, told me she is tired a lot but very happy, and enjoying all of it.  I asked her if it was worth it and she said ‘yes definitely’.  Good, I had been worried about how it would affect her.  Saying that, Isis was having some problems at school and after multiple meetings with various educational practitioners it all came to a head a few weeks ago.  She comes home most days now with some certificate or another for great behaviour.  I am so proud of her, she has a lot on her plate for one so young but she handles it all well.

She enjoyed all her food and then we had to dash to dance to get ready.  We didn’t have much time to sort her hair so we went for simple pigtails this time.  I like the more simple hairstyles when they wear them.  She looks so cute in her dance wear.  There are a lot of opportunities coming up for Isis with dance now so I know in the years to come we will have to be careful with what we say yes to and what we say no to.  Not everything that is good is beneficial for us, and also being too thinly spread is not going to help anyone, especially as educational demands ramp up as she gets older.

dontcallmestepmummy, step mum, blended family, tap classes, dance mums
All ready for tap

She makes us so proud, and has worked really hard this week.  She gets up and goes through her exam routines before going to school, and then again when she gets back from school.  Saturday morning she ran through everything before going to the dance classes.  She is becoming more confident every time and I know by the time half-term and the exam comes round she’s going to be amazing.

We chatted about a girl in her class that she hasn’t been getting on with very well.  This little girl came to my after school singing club on Thursday and has a beautiful little voice.  I informed Isis that the little girl has asked to join the singing club after attending this week.  I let her know that her and this little girl will probably have a lot of duets together so it would be best to put their differences aside as they will work very well together.  She said ‘ok, I’ll make friends with her.’  So, I’m interested to see what the outcome of that will be.  This little girl is not a bully at all, she has just moved from another school and she’s quite confident, and talented, so I’m guessing that there may have been a bit of jealousy involved (which may not have come from Isis, she has a strong group of friends).  I hope that if they start to see each other as team mates they can get past that, also as Isis realises that as much as I have got her back and will always support her, my job is to be fair and allow everyone to shine, not to overlook little lives that need to blossom just because they don’t get on well with her.  We’ll see how it goes.

I can’t wait until life calms down a little bit, I would like to take the girls to do more interesting things together.  We’ve decided to make Saturday family days once Isis has gotten these exams out of the way.  If you are an avid reader of our blog you will see that I strive for routine.  I thrive on routine, but I am definitely in a season of life where it just isn’t going to happen.  Things alter weekly depending on the needs of the children.  I foresee this being a long-term thing as there are four of them with their own individual needs which will adapt and shift as they grow up and move through their own little phases.

I am learning to roll with the punches.  It is massively out of my comfort zone.  I get really bad IBS as a result of constant anxiety, but I am pleased to say that instead of hiding under the bedcovers (which I strongly want to do most days) I am overcoming my anxieties.  Step by step, day by day and the children will not suffer because of things I struggle with.  I am sure that as I keep facing my anxieties and conquering them (even if they are little things) they will diminish and eventually fade away.

I enjoyed my time with the eldest this week and just wish it could be longer.  Need to find a way to work time in, but for this season this is where we are at.
If you’ve been more successful in quality time with your little ones this week.  Feel free to grab the badge and link up below.

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