Two months of blogging

Two Months of Blogging

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the reason I blog

5 days ago, it had been 2 months since I started this blog.  I have been enjoying it and making sure that I remember why I started it…. for the children.  There have been moments that I have really struggled with things but I have chosen not to blog about them.  This isn’t because I want to give an unrealistic view of life, it’s because I believe in focusing on the positive, and also am aware of the permanency of putting something online.  I may have issues sometimes with school, with the way they run things, with the way the girls mum chooses to deal with certain situations, but those things are not the things that I want the children to look back and remember.  I may say we’ve been struggling recently, but there are no need for negatives and specifics for the world to see, always and forever if that makes sense.  Please understand that our lives are very normal, and just because I don’t always blog about wanting to tear my hair out, it doesn’t mean it isn’t sometimes true *winks*.

There are so many subjects that I want to cover, things that are in the pipeline, things we have consciously chosen not to blog about ie. Isis behaviour at school has suffered at points.  My brain thinks on one hand that this would be a great series for the blog as there are some really interesting and intricate issues at hand, and it would be great to get advice (I also feel when I blog it causes me to think/research more about/around a subject and helps with difficult decisions) but then again I remember, this is for them.  It is not just a space for me to blurt out my opinion on everything and anything that happens in our lives.  It is a way for us all to communicate between the two homes.  Isis likes to read this on her tablet at her Mum’s house and see what we’re up to, or relive the memories of good times we’ve had.  I don’t think she’d appreciate reading all about her behavioural issues and knowing that I’ve told the world.  Not that I’m saying those that do talk about it on their space are wrong to do so, it’s just not the purpose of our space, and I need to remember that.

I am definitely only beginning to find my feet with blogging.  There is so much to do, making sure all the tagging is correct, that all my social media apps are up to date and all fitting the same brand style.  I had a blog redesign recently.  My header and gravatar were designed for me by Helen Braid at Ellie Illustrates.  I will writing a review about it soon, once it’s live if you click here you will be able to read all about it.

I am happy with the blog design and feel it helps set me up to start as I mean to go on.  Investing into blogging in that small way encourages me to keep up with it.  This is something I want to be part of our lives going forward and although finding the time can be difficult, I remember to keep my goals realistic.

I would like to have my blog at a point where I am not needing to do any retrospective posts and just blog going forward in about 6 months time.  I feel it is good to have a goal in mind, but not for it to take over my life at the moment.

There are many bloggers out there who help new bloggers with many blog posts written about how to blog, and effective blogging, how to be recognised by brands etc.  I found this post from Honest Mum about Blogging Tips very helpful.  It is encouraging to find this available help.  I also love that Katie at ‘Hurrah for Gin’ blogged for Tots100 about the Blog/Life Balance.  I am a Mum first and blogging is part of my expression but I don’t want to forget to be a Mum because I’m attached to a computer screen all the time.

So I haven’t blogged as much this month without the daily series’ but I am still enjoying it and not showing any signs of letting up soon…

I love reading all your comments so please feel free to comment below...

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