Happy 11 Months Eden

Happy 11 Months Eden

11 months old, baby milestones, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, step mum, soft play
breaking the rules at soft play

So, my baby girl was 11 months old yesterday.  Wow, it has gone so fast.  Although it feels like she has been here forever, the fact that she is so small convinces me that she can’t be nearly one, can she?  Just in 3-6 months clothes and would still fit in the 0-3 months aside from the length she is still so teeny.  We were at a leadership seminar Saturday afternoon and the people on our table were saying how bizarre it is when James (or I) are playing with her… tipping her upside down, swinging her around and kissing her.  They said their thoughts are ‘argh… stop swinging around that baby’ and then they remember that she isn’t a newborn, she just looks like one.

11 months old, baby milestone, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, step mum, mirror selfie
mirror selfies

There have been so many new little milestones even just in the past couple of days, I think she is celebrating her 11 months on the earth.  She said ‘ankyou’ this morning when I gave her some of Judah’s toast after she had already demolished hers and her cereal (she eats so much).  She climbed Nana’s stairs today when I was over for a visit.  She stood unsupported for a second yesterday, first time ever.  She’s using her walker at home.

11 months old, baby milestone, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, step mum, mirror selfie
teeny tiny princess

Words she can say now include :










My little baby is not really a baby anymore.  I have tried to ignore it, she still has no teeth, she is so small and light I forget she’s growing up.  I’ve not been able to buy her any new clothes pretty much all year as she hasn’t needed them and then a friend gave me a huge bunch from her little girl who is 6 months younger than Eden.  She still doesn’t fit any of the shoes that we bought her.  0-3 months still fall off her feet, not sure how I will find shoes for my little cruiser.

11 months old, baby milestone, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, step mum, baby weaning
munching at Nana’s

Eden was eating her dinner last night at Nana’s and she kept using all of Shayla-Rae’s mannerisms.  It was so strange, to the point where my Mum was saying she had Shayla’s eyes.  Now Shayla has her Mum’s eyes for sure, so that is not true but the little eye-rolls whilst their eyes light up, that is something the two of them share.  So sweet.  So then James and I were discussing if that makes that trait his genetics or if she has learnt this habit from Shayla.  We will probably never know, but I love that they are all so similar even though they have different Mum’s.  It just tightens are family unit all the more.  No-one ever picks up that they’re not all mine unless they chat to me and if the situation demands, I explain.

Happy 11 months our beautiful baby girl, it is going so quickly and I can’t believe that you will soon be one years old.  Daddy and I are so proud of you as are all the family.  Don’t ever change your quirky little ways, we look forward to getting to know you better as you grow and develop.

We love you xxx

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