Preston Fashion LIVE

Preston Fashion LIVE

Shayla sporting a beautiful tutu (she actually has this exact one at home too) and some cute wellies
Shayla sporting a beautiful tutu (she actually has this exact one at home too) and some cute wellies

So the girls got to be in a fashion show last week with ‘The Dancers Wardrobe‘.  The sportswear, gymnastics and dancewear that they stock is very handily situated underneath the dance school that they attend and run by the wonderful Jessica who is the daughter of the principle of the dance school.  The girls were very excited that Miss Jessica needed some girls to be models for the fashion show.  There were some communication errors from the lady arranging the fashion show though which meant that the plans changed but the girls enjoyed the day very much just the same.

They turned up at 10am to the dance school, had their make-up and hair done (they always enjoy this) and had to practice some routines for the catwalk and choose their outfits.  Every girls dream day.

enjoying wearing make-up
enjoying wearing make-up

They felt right at home doing this with the other girls from the dance school as it wasn’t that long ago since they were involved in the show. They were happy choosing different outfits to strut down the catwalk in.  Although, due to some last minute changes (down to the lady who wasn’t great at communicating) they didn’t get to wear them all.  They still thoroughly enjoyed the experience though.  It meant that Shayla only walked down the catwalk once and Isis went down carrying various different accessories.

Isis 1
pirouette on the catwalk
Isis 3
showing how this handy backpack is suitable even for little shoulders
Isis 4
showing the beautiful ballet shoe print bag to it’s full potential
Isis 2
‘yes I know I’m gorgeous’
Isis 5
starfish pose

Judah and Eden enjoyed watching their big sisters in the ‘show’ as Judah called it.  We sat right at the front so I could snap these photos whilst the worked the runway for the first time in their little lives.  Maybe not for the last time?  Was so proud of how brave they were in a shopping mall packed full of people.  Their confidence levels never cease to amaze me.  I was a very proud stepmummy that day.

Judah wanted a picture too
Judah wanted a picture too

We felt all the models and dancers were amazing, and wish we had asked permission first to take some photos.  They had some truly beautiful costumes to view and it was lovely to be there for the first one ever in Preston.  Hopefully the planning will be done better next time and Miss Jessica will get the true credit she deserved for her and the team that helped from ‘The Dancers Wardrobe’.

Thank you Miss Jessica, the girls felt like movie stars.


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