‘The Longest Day Ever’

The Longest Day Ever


One lovely sunny day Michael woke up and opened the curtains.  He wished this day had never come it was supposed to be the shortest day ever but he knew it would not be that short.  In fact it was not short at all.

That day Michael told himself ‘if today is short I will stay up all night.’

“Michael, come down!”

“No Mum!”






“because what?”

“because I said so!”

“fine Mum, I’m sorry”

“I’m sorry too Michael, shall we got out?”


“Where too?”


Chapter Two – Where shall we go?

“Mum what about if we go to Australia?”

“how about the park?” said Michael’s mum.

“Yes, that’s a good idea.” said Michael, “I love the park.”

So off they went, finally they got there and Michael ran off to play on the climbing frame.  The climbing frame is Michael’s favourite, he was going to stay all day.  They did not realise what time it was because they were only allowed watches or clocks in the winter, they just went to bed when it was dark.

After 15 hours they went home, they were up for ages.

Chapter Three – What happened

They were up so long they were up for 5 days without sleep.  On the sixth day they went to bed because that sixth day was a saviour.  Bedtime.  “yay finally,” said everyone.

“I’m never staying up all day again!” said Michael.

– by Isis Mae

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