Siblings in November

Siblings in November


We have been so behind with our posts recently as there has been a lot of sickness in our home but we seem to be finally out of the woods.  It is my baby girls 1st birthday soon, I can’t believe it.  She is still so tiny, but her little character for sure is that of a one year old.  It is so lovely when they become independent and don’t want to cling to you all the time.  She plays happily with her brother and he now refers to her as his ‘best friend’ which seriously warms my stony heart *chuckles*.

Because I am massively behind with all things blogging, I didn’t take the time to get a suitable photograph of them all together this month.  I am such a creature of habit and have issues with perfectionism that a lot of my blogging hasn’t happened because I didn’t feel like blogging and I felt so unwell  I didn’t want to write a miserable post, or a post that was lacking in order or consistency.  Disappointed in myself for not having ‘proper’ photos for my siblings post I have waited until now to post them.  The reality is though, that this is our life and a memory site of our journey, these unfortunate past couple of months are a part of that journey.  I chatted to the girls last night about how I want to be a better Mummy and have a nicer home for them, but it is hard when we all get ill to keep on top of everything as there are just so many of us.  It can get exhausting.  We have seriously scaled back a lot of the things that we do and kept in the important things, such as their dancing, all things school obviously, and attending church on a Sunday.  I still teach the singing club at their school on a Thursday but other than that things have pulled back so that James and I can get our health in order and slowly build back in other things so that they can continue consistently and not be stopping and starting due to ill health.

The only pics I managed to grab of them all together this month was when I took them to Burger King one evening as we’d been stuck in traffic for so long on the way home from school I decided I wasn’t cooking.  Also, I think it was the day we found out Shayla was on the ‘gifted and talented’ register so we went to celebrate.

as you can see not my finest photography

The rest of these photos are some candid shots I managed to catch over the week.  I love the ones of Isis and Shayla in their tap uniforms.  They’re so cute together.


image image

Judah and Eden are always up to no good together, I love capturing photos of them just playing together and getting up to mischief.  He loves having her as his partner in crime and I just adore spending time with them and watching all the little adventures they get up to.  They are so excited to see each other when they wake in the mornings.  If Judah wakes first (usually) then it is difficult for us to get him to wait for her to wake.  He always wants to go in her room and wake her, but we make him wait (when we can).  The happiness on both their faces is worth the wait.image  image
Hoping to capture some ‘proper’ photos for December but we’ll see…. needing to let go of my perfectionism and just capture real life sometimes.

dear beautiful

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