Little + Fierce – Our Wishlist Top 5

Little + Fierce – Our Wishlist Top 5

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So today Morgana over at has launched her childrens accessories online shop

We have been eagerly awaiting the launch of this as the girls have looked excitedly on Morgana’s instagram account in the past at some of the things Noo & E have been wearing in the pictures.  It is obvious that Morgana has an amazing eye for fashion, but it’s not just about that…. it’s about creating a platform for the smaller brands to sell.  For children to be more individual in their choice of accessory rather than just wearing the generic bigger branded/cartoon character items.  Not that there’s anything wrong in those things, if Judah could wear any item of clothing, hat, shoes with George from Peppa Pig on everyday of the week, he would, if I let him.  This is so girls like Isis and Shayla can find things that they like, that are designed with them in mind and empowering smaller businesses.

Above are our top 5 picks and we will be making a purchase of 3 of them shortly,the others may need to wait for more pennies *sighs*.  We are so excited for all that Morgana and the team at Little + Fierce will be doing in the future and I’m sure the girls alone could almost keep them in business.

Your little ones will be able to create a ‘wishlist’ on the site which will enable you to be able to mysteriously know what to get them for those all important events – Christmas, Birthday’s, Friday’s (us girls don’t need much of an excuse for something new, am I right?)

Click on the numbers below to find out prices and be able to order….

1        2        3        4      5
NB. This post is not sponsored in anyway, we just wanted to celebrate Morgana’s achievement in todays launch and have genuinely been so excited for the launch.

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