The Ordinary Moments #11 – Tales of a Toddler

The Ordinary Moments #11 – Tales of a Toddler

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My little man makes me laugh so much these days.  At nearly 2 and a half his little personality is certainly coming into it’s own.  He is mostly sweet, funny, sensitive, happy but he has his moments as every toddler does where the entire world knows, he is not happy about something.  I just wanted to take the time to write about where he is up to with his likes, dislikes etc. at the moment.  His ordinary moments.

Favourite Programme :

There are many things that Judah likes to watch these days, thank goodness he branched out from Peppa Pig.  He really enjoys Monster Math Squad which is now on Netflix, and on the Hopster app on my ipad.  He absorbs everything, he is like a sponge.  We’ll be out and about and he’ll recognise shapes and tell me, ‘Mummy, that’s a triangle,’ ‘Mummy, that’s a star,’ ‘Mummy there are 3 triangles.’   He has learnt about shapes, colours, he can count to 20, he knows his alphabet.  All from listening to his singing toys and educational children’s cartoons.  I had very strong opinions about television and how much he should watch, I tried to avoid it at all until he was 2 as I’d read about how it can overstimulate them.  With us not having a tv license, and not ever sitting to watch TV ourselves, it wasn’t too difficult to follow through.  He would watch a DVD with the girls though when they were here, and watch things at Nana’s house.  He was very addicted to Peppa Pig not too long ago.

Favourite Movie :

Recently ‘Monsters Inc.’ has become his favourite, but even more recently he experienced what I believe was his first nightmares.  He asked to watch ‘Monsters Inc.’ as usual the day after he’d been up screaming in the night, and then he had decided it was too scary.  We didn’t get past the first 5 minutes.  I think his little imagination has now kicked in and is affecting his dreams.  So, no Monsters Inc. for now, we are trying to watch happier things like ‘My Little Pony’ haha, or ‘Fireman Sam’ but we haven’t got another favourite movie yet.  Well, apart from the dreaded Ice film, but we seem to have escaped watching that one recently *fingers crossed*.

Favourite Colour :

At the moment he LOVES green, he points out EVERYTHING that is green.  When we’re driving in the car…. ‘Mummy, look at the green grass’, ‘Mummy look at that green tree’, ‘Mummy there’s a green light’, ‘Mummy, that lolly (lorry) is green’.  The list goes on.  This does change a lot but the green phase has been going on for a while now.

Favourite Shoes :

His Gruffalo wellies, if he could wear them everywhere he would, however, mean Mommie, doesn’t let him, because as much as they rule, they don’t go with everything, or every occasion.

Favourite Person :

Eden is his BEST FRIEND and he tells us constantly….. They are both so excited when the other wakes up in the morning if they’ve awoke first.  It is so cute how they now play together.  So much easier for me as well.  I love that they can entertain each other, and although they are still at an age where they require constant supervision, I cannot take my eyes off them for a second.  It is so lovely when your baby doesn’t need to constantly be in your arms.  Soon I may be able to start getting things done around the house again *winks*.  I guess it makes sense when they do EVERYTHING together.

soft play, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler
soft play
colouring, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler
dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler
drinking water
snack time, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler
munching cookies
soft play, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler
more soft play
snack time, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family, siblings, the ordinary moments, tales from a toddler

I love the things that he tells me, I love that when we were putting up the Christmas tree, he says to me ‘it’s nice having Christmas.’  He is so appreciative of the things that he loves.  He tells me ‘it’s getting dark’ when we get in the car.  He tells me that the lights down the middle of my Mum’s little village are ‘very pretty lights Mummy’, he asks me ‘are you ok?’ when he sees that I’m probably not.  He prays for me when I’m unwell, ‘Jesus, please make Mummy better, AMEN!’  This is particularly sweet when I haven’t told him that I’m unwell, he can just see.  He is a very sensitive little soul.  Very caring and thoughtful about everyone.

Most annoying thing he’s not allowed to do :

EVERYTHING haha.  Anything that he’s not allowed to do, he is mesmerised by.  He asks me constantly to hit Eden, he tells me he wants to smack her and doesn’t understand why I say no.  This makes me laugh.  I don’t think he is a nasty little boy, he’s just curious of boundaries.  There are not many things that I say no to, other than the usual, treats etc.  The things he is told mostly no about is ‘no, don’t smack your sister’, ‘don’t scream’, ‘don’t throw that you’ll break it.’  The usual boy things.  Sometimes he decides to ask me ‘Mummy, I want to smack you’ – obviously I tell him, no you’re not allowed, to which he will reply ‘don’t say no!’  There are many conversations we have like this, where he pretty much begs me to hit me or Eden.  He never does because I always say no, but it’s funny logic of his to ask permission.  He must not have grasped why he’s not allowed to do those things, because I know he wouldn’t really want to hurt us.  I find it interesting that he’s so interested in smacking, when it’s something that NEVER happens to him.  We don’t agree with it personally and are fans of the ‘time out’ or no sweets after dinner for bad behaviour and it seems to work for all of the children so far.

2 under 2, supermarket trolleys, dontcallmestepmummy, the ordinary moments, blended family
trolley time
toddlers and television, tiaras, dontcallmestepmummy, the ordinary moments, blended family
arguing over the remote at Nana’s
toddlers, dontcallmestepmummy, the ordinary moments, blended family
with Uncle Bobby and Jacob (my brothers nephew)
toddlers in suits, Christmas, Next Signature, boys in suits, boys in ties, dontcallmestepmummy, blended family,
our handsome little man

Favourite Food :

To be honest, I can’t really choose one.  He likes variety.  He chooses different things to what he’s had recently.  Whereas Shayla would choose tomato pasta everytime.  Judah likes to choose different things.  When I ask him now what’s your favourite food, and give him options he says ‘having lunch next week.’  Hmm…. not going to get anything out of him to guide me so I think we’ll go with, he doesn’t have one…. other than the usual child response ‘chocolate.’

Favourite Music :

We seem to have got away from the dreaded Ice film, but now he likes to listen to ‘Minions’ as he calls it.  The ‘Despicable Me 2’ soundtrack goes on in the car, unfortunately, there’s only about 4 songs on there that are viable to listen to.  So, I get bored much quicker, but it does make him happy and listening to him sing the minion version of ‘YMCA’ is quite amusing.

Anyway, this is Judah’s little ordinary moments.  Can’t wait to see how he changes and adapts, it is constant at this age and I don’t want to miss a minute of it.

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #11 – Tales of a Toddler

  1. Aww he sounds the most lovely little boy. I love that Eden is his best friend- so sweet and such cute photos of them together, especially the one of them drinking together and the one of them eating their cookies. Mads my big girl is obsessed with Monsters Inc- she loves it- that and Toy Story. He sounds adorable and what a funny little thing about the smacking- they do go through some funny stages! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know so funny. He got some Monsters Inc presents today from the grandparents he was so excited. They didn’t even know he like it. Well timed. I can’t wait til Eden is walking and she can potter round with him like your girls do. I love seeing LL and Mads on their adventures. Happy Christmas to you all xxx


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